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Playing Golf in Bali
Bali Handara Kosaido Cluntry Club was voted one of the 50 best golf courses in the world. Located at a height of 1100m in the Bedugul highland, it is nice and cool to play golf...
What is Kebaya and Sembahyang

A Kebaya is a woman's blouse worn with a sarong. It is a traditional Indonesian costume and is considered formal wear for women. What is known as the kebaya today is said to have originated in Java in the 17th..

Spa Treatment Terms - Part 2
Traditional Javanese scrub treatment. Covers the body with a paste of turmenic, sandalwood, rice powder, etc. The paste is removed when it becomes dry, gently taking away dirt and the old horny layer, which leaves the skin surprisingly soft and..
Spa Treatment Terms
Bali is also known as an island of well-developed spa treatments. Let yourself be healed in body and mind by allowing yourself to become tuned into in the leisurely rhythm of Bali in harmony with nature. Release yourself from daily..
Three Major Temples of Bali
In Indonesia, a country dominated by Muslims, Bali remains an island of Hindus with 90 percent of its population following that religion. Solemn temples and the Hindu culture are what make Bali more than just a beach resort, producing such..
Trip From Denpasar to Ubud
Driving from Denpasar to Ubud (true Balinese village) is easy. When you started from Denpasar, or from Kuta, you will be have the same route. Especially when you are just out from Denpasar or Kuta heading to Ubud, you will..
Transportation Options in Bali
Getting around while you are in Bali is very easy. Or, could be not easy. Well, it is depend on several things. Just be sure that do not just walk-in near your hotel only, e.g just go to the beach..
About Bali
With the reputation of the most beautiful and diverse tourist spot in Asia, Bali annually attracts almots 7,000,000 visitors from around the world. The most attactive things about Bali is about the unique culture, great panorama, beautiful sunset and sunrise,..
Carrefour : Shopping Store in Sunset Road Kuta
For you who the first time visiting Bali, or had a plan to live in Bali for several years forward, the shopping center is one of the most important thing to find, as from here we can suffice our daily..
Get Ready For Bali
When you leave for Bali, get ready for some important things you should pay for attention. If you go alone, it is better to double check for everything before you are leaving your country. If you go with some friends,..
Important Telephone Number in Bali
Hold these number in your wallet. Holiday suppose to be a happy ever, but some time you just need to contact for someone, in order to get some help. When you are in Bali for a holiday or doing business,..
Renting a Motor Bike
Nowdays, we can see many tourist in Bali are just happy to choose the motor bike (automatic) for their transportation needs. What about to renting a car? Still, renting a car is one of the most favorite thing. But, renting..
Toyota Avanza as The Most Popular Car
If you look for the vehicle for your transportation needs in Bali, we advise you to rent the Toyota Avanza. The Toyota Avanza is the most popular car not only among the domestic tourist, but also for overseas. Some reasons..
Why the Suzuki Jimny is Still Popular
The Suzuki Jimny (or the Suzuki Katana) is a Bali mini jeep vehicle. As a jeep type this car is not comfortable compared to a family or other multi purpose vehicle. Although its called as a jeep but please note..
See the Sunset in Sanur Beach Bali
Sanur Beach is located in Sanur village, South Denpasar subdistrict, in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali province, Indonesia. Sanur beach also situated near the Indonesia Ocean, at the south of Bali island. This place is famous from the past,..
Choosing The Right Car Rental
Holiday in Bali can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have a plan to spend your holiday in Bali, it is very advised to prepare for everything as well. For accommodation while you are stay in Bali, this is a..
Rent GPS in Bali
Holiday in Bali is truely fantastic. You can explore many places of interest and many other things while you are here. When you are in Bali, you definitely not just to stay in your hotel. You must go out. For example, walking..
Bali Tattoo
In Bali especially in Kuta, there are many tattoo studios who can make tattoo for part of your body with a highly artistic touch. One of the example of the studio is Studio Tattoo Gangga Kirana. The location is near..
Souvenir Shopping in Ubud
Ubud is the center of culture in Bali. In Ubud, you will find that this place is as the truly of Bali. This is the place where most of the Balinese artis live. The place is quiet and peacefully. Not..
Shopping for Souvenir
Where you can shop for souvenir in Bali? For each of the places of interest in Bali, you can find the shops that sell for the souvenir. Or, below information can be your additonal information regarding where to shop for..
Shopping Tips in Bali
Shopping is one of the happy thing to do, anywhere and ever where. With shopping, we can enjoy our self and pamper for what we want. No matter where and when, especially when you are on the holiday, in Bali..
Bali Dance
The Balinese society cannot be a part from the dance. Almost every religion activities, dance is always involved. For the Balinese, dance just like an offering for something to the God. Most of them, especially for the woman, they surely..
Diving Location in Bali
Nusa Dua
The diving location in Nusa Dua built as the coral extensive in Tanjung Benoa. We can find the coral contingent, ranging from north to the south, following the Nusa Dua Resort coast line. This is the only area in..
Museum in Bali
There is an old building in Bali which still stand completely until now. It's located in centre of Denpasar city. Pricesely, it's located in east side of Puputan field Badung, in Great Pura Jagat Natha side. The building has been promoted as..
Driving In Foreign Country
Even if you were a driver with many years experience, if you were planning to drive in your holiday, there is few things you must remember to secure yours and everybody safety. Driving in Bali is different from driving in..
How To Choose Baby Sitter In Hotel
Thing eventually happened in our holiday is we doing our life in different way than in home. Everything changed, from how we eat until how we drive. But something we must not change in a holiday or not is choosing..
Holiday With Rent Car
In our daily life, car has a function more than a vehicle. Even it can be say, it is your expanded house. When you are in a holiday, Bali for an example, and forced to use rent car, that is..
Land in Denpasar Getting More Expensive
Nowdays price of land space in Denpasar especially in the city, in the last few years has rising up. These also include at the sub urban area such as Kuta and Canggu. These areas are mostly known as tourist village..
About Ubud
Ubud is a famous place with it's great art and traditional life of Bali's people. This place also famous for the silver handicraft and copper which has export quality. This place have comfortable condition like in Sanur. But don't..
About Sanur
Sanur is a perfect alternative for vacation with a comfort purpose. It's not very crowded like Kuta, but it still offering something interesting. There are many hotels there, from the world class hotel like Bali Hyatt Sanur, Sanur Beach Hotel..
About Kuta
Kuta is the most favorite tourism destination in Bali, even could be in the world. Kuta area are very famous in the world, which have a beautiful beach. In Kuta beach we can see all kinds of visitor from Europe,..
Bargaining Techniques in Bali
Try to find the price range of the item first do not ever assume a price or take a (perhaps biased) by standar's word for it. Before you go out shopping, spot-check prices in your hotel shop. If a smaller..
Traveler Checks and Credit Cards
There is no black market in Indonesia, so for safety's sake bring only a portion of your funds in cash. Though rates are often better for traveler's checks than for cash, always carry some US$5, US$10, and US$20 dollar bills..
Changing Money in Bali
United States dollars, accepted all over Indonesia since War World II, are still the most useful foreign currency to carry through these islands. It is very recommended that you always bring US Dollar in Bali. Though the dollar will probably..
Tipping in Bali
A few annoying Western customs, like tipping, have caught on. Never tip waiters in restaurants, bartenders, reception people in small hotels, hairdressers, medical personnel, or tailors. Only tip taxi drivers and porters for unusually good service or extra-heavy bags. It..
Hiring a Driver
Along with doing without all the headaches involved in driving your own vehicle, there are other distinct advantages to hiring a driver. Comparison shop to find a driver who can also serve as guide, i.e., provide some cultural/historic context to..
Bali Harbours
Bali has five harbors. The first one is the hub of Dutch shipping companies, while the oldest is at the northern part of Buleleng along the waterfront in Singaraja. Until now, this old crumbling, picturesque port is no longer used by big ships because of its..
Body Languages in Bali
Aggressive gestures and postures such as crossing your arms or standing with your hands on hips while talking, particularly with older people, is regarded as insulting since this is the traditional posture of defiance and anger in wayang theater. In..
North of Kuta
At low tide, bicycle rides or walks along the firm, moist sand are refreshing. Heading north of Kuta, you can ride for about seven kilometers. At this point either retrace your tracks or turn inland at the thatched roofs of..
Where To Surf in Bali
Padang Padang
Uluwatu's status as the number one surfing spot has since been challenged by Padang Padang, a shallow reef breaks just two km down the coast on the southern tip on Bali. Surfer Magazine has called Padang Padang, one of..
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Toyota Rush
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