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Bali Harbours

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There are 4 Bali major harbors and check these out 4 major harbors in Bali, one of them could be your entrance gate to visiting Bali from its neighbooring island..

1. Padang Bai Harbour

Padang Bai harbor, on the east coast, handles marine traffic between Bali and the eastern islands. This small village, with its cheap accommodations and charming restaurants, is a pleasant place to stay a few days. From the port, board a ferry for Lembar on the neighboring island of Lombok to the east. Padangbai is also where cruise ships drop anchor when they call. Padangbai is the second place where we can go to Lombok island, the first one is by plane.

Padang Bai is situated at Manggis, Karangasem regency, about 50 kilometers from Denpasar city, the capital city of Bali. It is also about 30 kilometers from Amlapura city. From Kuta or Denpasar city, you can reach Padang Bai in about 1 hours and 15 minutes drive, using the car rental in Bali. It will take for about the same hours if you go from Ubud area.

How Long is the Distance between Denpasar or Kuta to Padangbai

It is a nice trip along the way to the Padangbai harbour as the road goes there is big and without traffic jam (unless when you passing by Sanur area but it should not be long). After you leave Sanur and passing by Ida Bagus Mantra bypass road there will be no traffic jam anymore and the rest of the trip (next an hour) will be a nicely trip.

At the street side you can see many rice fields, which is good to see along the trip inside the car. Behind that rice fields along the road there are existed many villas and resort which is advisable for you to spend the night there. Not only that you will see the ocean at your right side just after entering Ida Bagus Mantra bypass road.

The famous family recreational place called Bali Safari & Marine Park is also located at the left side road on the same route heading to Padang Bai harbour.

Harbour of Padangbai

Padang Bai is the harbour connected between Bali and Lombok island via the ferry. The trip will take the time in about 5 hours, quiet long. The ferry is available to serve the passenger every once in an hour. It is available not only on daylight but also in the midnite time. This ferry service is mostly used by the locals.

Just close to the ferry terminal, at the other side, there is another terminal for the cruise or fast boat. Here is the terminal harbour that used almost by the overseas tourist to to Gili islands in Lombok.

Lombok island is also popular among the tourists so after spending their holiday in Bali island many of them continue their holiday in Lombok in this case visiting Gili islands. For your information there are three Gili's: Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Terawangan.

In Padang Bai area, now days there are some Bali hotel or inn, available to be stayed for every tourist. The area of Padangbai is not the favorite place to stay by most tourist. So do not expect to meet and stay at the five stars hotel here. Ordinary hotel and budget room is widely available. This is because the tourist use the hotel room in Padangbai only for transit.

The example is like this situation..

You rented the car rental and after some days in Bali you want to continue your holiday to visit Gili. As the car rental in Bali cannot be driven outside Bali island (in this case is to be driven to Lombok island) you must first return the car rental. Actually, any car use is prohibited in Gili, unless for some motor bike is still welcome but that mostlyused by the locals not the tourist.

Most of car rental company in Bali is allow you to return the car rental in Padang Bai harbour, with some additional cost. The company usually wanted to collect the car there still in daylight (maximum up to 2pm), giving a chance for them to go back to Denpasar before dark.

So if you had a schedule that your fast boat will be departed on Monday 12pm, and you informed the car rental company to collect the car from you an hour in advance, at 11am, then you can stay in this area of Padang Bai one day in advance (on Sunday).

By staying one night in Padang Bai harbour area before take the fast boat to Gili it giving you a chance to arrange the car returning and fast boat departure both more easy and arranged nicely.

Here in Padang Bai Bali harbour there are also available for some restaurants. Fishes menu is the most favorite menu to be offered. Of course, some souvenir shops can be found there. They are located at the inside area of the harbor, or at the parking area.

Some fresh fishes directly from the ocean is also available to buy as there are some fish sellers at the street side along the way to Padang Bai.

The Padang Bai itself is actually interesting. Maybe you need to spend the night there for more. The area is covered by a clack-strong coral in many amount of them so the undersea living in the environment is safe. Great for diving and snorkeling activities.

At the east side of Padang Bai beach, the sand of the beach looks clean white, and thick textured. The beach is also good place for swimming and sun bathing. There are many beautiful fish there.

So are you ready for going to Gili island to continue your holiday? If so Padang Bai harbour is the right place for you to started.

Please carefully choose which fast boat you should take. Ask everything you need to know such as the price, the time, the service you will get along the fast boat trip, etc. We advise you to started to leave still in the morning time. This way will give you spare time to go to your hotel in Gili after you landed in Gili island.

2. Gilimanuk Harbour

At the very west side of Bali island is the port of Gilimanuk harbour which receives vehicles, passengers, and cargo on ferries from Ketapang, East Java. If you take the last ferry across from Java, you arrive in Bali at first light to see the whole island come to life: mists lifting over tiered pagodas, ducks off to the fields under flags of herders, women yawning in doorways, pots boiling on early morning fires, lines of shadowy people going off to market.

From Kuta, Gilimanuk can be reached out in about 3 hours drive by car. The road heading to Gilimanuk is always busy, many trucks and buses along the way. As there is only 1 main road to go to Gilimanuk, the fastest time to go there is on midnite. You will then arrived in Gilimanuk early in the morning, and then continue to trip by ferry to go to Java island.

3. Celukan Bawang Harbour

To the west there is a newer port called Celukanbawang offers more protection and is Bali's principal port, but its new jetty, port buildings, and sailors canteen seem nearly deserted. This harbour is a great place to sail heading for Sulawesi or East Kalimantan. Celukanbawang is quiet close to the popular holiday destination in Bali, Lovina.

4. Benoa Harbour

Benoa harbour, across the bay off the end of the airport runway, is a small boat harbour where foreign yachts moor. Take a canoe out and ask around for a ride or if they need another crew member. The government-owned Pelni ships Kambua, Kerinci, and Umsini, which is visit Bali on their various circuits, landed at this port. Benoa harbour is quiet close to Sanur, a popular place of interest destination by the senior tourist with its calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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