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Best Canggu Car Rental Bali

Providing well maintenanced Canggu car rental available in manual and automatic

Canggu car rental is available in both of manual and automatic gear. The car rental can be delivered in your villa in Canggu area at free of charge of delivery. The car can be delivered at any time you would like. e.g early in the morning, in the afternoon on your hotel check out time, or at late of night car delivery for you goes to the club. Although of course we prefer to just deliver your car rental in the morning. Meanwhile if you need a Bali Airport - Canggu drop off service we can do it at any time of your arrival at airport.

Canggu area is growing rapidly in the last ten years. From the quiet sandy sub-urban area to the luxurious living among the tourist. The long stay of the tourist in Canggu is also great. Many of them stay in there for long term. That is way we also provide the best long term car rental Bali for those who stay in Canggu.

In Canggu the tourist can enjoy daily activity more classy. There is the club called Canggu Club (Finns Recreation Club). The club offering one stop family recreational center of water park, play bowling and tennis, etc. The location is very strategic on Jalan Pantai Berawa Canggu (Berawa Beach Canggu street). Of course there are also many other interesting activities that can be done in Canggu and that can be enjoyed if you have your own reliable car rental service with you, either Canggu car rental for self driven or with driver.

Another interesting part of Canggu is because its location is quiet close to Seminyak, another bustling and fun area. Here in Seminyak, just maybe you look for another night life atmosphere after you used to with Canggu, existed many clubs, pubs and Bali night life. The distance between Canggu and Seminyak is about 20 minutes driver by car.

Small automatic car

Renting a car rental in Canggu along with the driver is also a good choice. Our Balinese driver in Canggu is trusted and and experienced. We provide only the best Canggu driver to accompany you to explore the island from your hotel in Canggu. The driver will be working for 10 hours normally for standard. But he will be available if the renter need some extra hour, maybe for late dinner at the restaurant or stop by at the night club for a while.

Our driver is also welcome to drive you to the north side of Bali such as Lovina or Amed. Please note that the driver must be overnight there due to the distance and need an extra charge. He will look for his own accommodation there and he will be ready next morning at your hotel. Please contact us for more information about the driver terms of use for renting a car in Canggu Bali.


It is super easy to rent the car when you live in Canggu. Canggu is a growing rapidly touristic area at south of Bali which is easily reachable from Kuta and Seminyak area. Here in the area we can deliver the car rental there in fast. Even if you make a booking on the same day you need the car we can deliver it right away to your hotel in the area.

To make a booking simply visit our booking page and fill up all necessary requirement columns there. Most important column to fill out is the car type, how many day you need it and how we can contact you back (either your email address or Whatsapp number).

Do not forget to fill up the Email and Whatsapp column as if you forgotten to fill it up then we cannot contact you back with the availability of your Canggu car rental.

Else such as your name, whether for self driven or with the driver and when you will need the car service can be done later along with our reply.

If you need a super fast respond from us, use nowdays-most popular messenger service: Whatsapp. It is guaranteed if you send us a Whatsapp message along with your email booking we can just reply you super fast and confirm with you with the availability of the car rental you deserved.

Regarding the peyment you can make the payment either by cash or by credit card Visa or Master Card with additional charge 3%.


In Canggu there are so many villa existed either on the side of big road (Jalan Raya Canggu - Canggu main street) or inside the small gang / lane. In fact the villas number which is resided inside the small gang is more than the one on the big road. This is mean driving a small size car rental is absolutely a great choice. (Note, the quality of the villas between the one on the small lane and on the big road is the same. The difference is only the star number).

But if you are a family traveler and thus needs a bigger car (a medium size one).

Try to dont rent the car rental in big size one. Furthermore it is in manual gear box. Considering there area many small street in Canggu it will be a more difficult to drive if you order a big size vehicle.


We can deliver your car rental in your hotel in Canggu on the first day, and you can return it on the last day once again at the same hotel. Or you can return it at the difference hotel at the diffence area. Or you can just simply return it at the Bali airport on your departure date / time.

Please be noted that if you plan to continue your holiday beyond Bali (example go to Lombok or Nusa Penida or Gili island) and would like to return the car at the harbor port it is welcome. We are ok with this. But to remind there will be an extra cost if we collect the car rental in Padangbai harbor for you heading to Gili, and it is free of charge in Sanur harbor heading to Nusa Penida.

Have fun with your Canggu car rental, in Bali!

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Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny
USD 18
4 Pax
Daihatsu Ayla small size automatic Bali car rental
Daihatsu Ayla
USD 20
4 Pax
Daihatsu Taruna
Daihatsu Taruna
USD 22
5 Pax
Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza
USD 25
7 Pax
Suzuki APV - MPV World Class
Suzuki APV
USD 28
8 Pax
Toyota Kijang Innova
Toyota Innova
USD 30
8 Pax
KIA Pregio
KIA Pregio
USD 60
10 Pax
Isuzu Elf
Isuzu Elf
USD 65
12 Pax

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