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Spa Treatment Terms - Part 2

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Traditional Javanese scrub treatment. Covers the body with a paste of turmenic, sandalwood, rice powder, etc. The paste is removed when it becomes dry, gently taking away dirt and the old horny layer, which leaves the skin surprisingly soft and smooth.

Body wrap passed on for many generations in Bali. A paste of spicys that warm the body, including cloves, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric prders and similiar is applied. Recommended also for those coming down with a cold as it improves blood circulation.

A traditional medicine from India. In order to balance the three dosha (the energies of wind, fire and water) of the body, your dosha type will first be assessed after which the optimal treament will be given.

A massage of the soles of the feet, dubbed 'the second heart' which reflect the organs and systems of the body. Has the effect of easing shoulder and back pains and promoting blood circulation and metabolism.

Massage is given using warmed, smooth stones. The natural power of the stones eases muscle tension, and promotes blood circulation, leaving you delightfully relaxed.

Found in most spas in Bali. Warm bath with an abundance of colorful tropical flowers floating on the water. While making you feel like a princess, it enhances the relaxation effect. Herbs or milk are added at some places.

In many spas, facial massage is followed by a scrub and pack treatment, using natural ingredients, including papaya, avocado, aloe, milk and cucumber, depending on your skin character.

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