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Choosing The Right Car Rental

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Holiday in Bali can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have a plan to spend your holiday in Bali, it is very advised to prepare for everything as well. For accommodation while you are stay in Bali, this is a first-must thing you have. You must sleep in a hotel room. You cannot sleep eg. at the beach, or at the parking area of places of interest.

After you have a room, of course, you cannot just stay in your room for your entire days. You must go out. You can just go to the supermarket near your hotel, or just walk to the beach. But, sometime (and mostly), you have to go to the places of interest which is quiet far away from your hotel. It is impossible to just walk away. In order to do this, renting a car in Bali is the best way to do.

Especially if you stay at the rapidly-growing tourism area in Bali that is Canggu then get a car rental in Canggu is a must!

Depend on how many person in your group, here are the right vehicle for you to choose:

1-2 persons
The Suzuki Jimny is the only choice. The car type of the Suzuki Jimny is a mini jeep. For the term of 'jeep' please do not expect too much to the car. The car is designed for an adventure traveler or rider. Do not except for luxurious of the car. Furthermore the car is discontinued in 2005 so it is quiet and old car.

Although the car is quiet old but it is still popular among the renter. This is because the car is the cheapest one. And also because of the 'jeep'. Please be noted when renting for this car no more than 2 person please, as the back seat can be only available for the luggage, not person.

2-4 persons
You can choose either the the Suzuki Karimun or the Daihatsu Ayla. Both of it is a city car type. Both of the car is great enough to explore the island from the south to the north, from the west to the east of Bali island. We guarantee.

Please be informed that the Daihatsu Ayla is the newer model than the Suzuki Karimun. The Karimun was discontinued in 2012 while the Ayla is still producing the factory. Also the Daihatsu Ayla is the most popular car rental among the renter for a small 4 seater car. Especially because the Ayla is available in Automatic gear while the Karimun is not.

4-6 persons
The available car to be rented is such as the Daihatsu Taruna and the Toyota Avanza. The second one, the Avanza, is the most popular car among the renter. Because more space inside the car. Furthermore it is a new car, and most important, it is the fuel safest car, so you should not buy a lot of gasoline to explore Bali island.

The Toyota Avanza is available in Automatic gear box, available in various color with the most favorite color is white color. The Avanza has 1.3 cc engine size. Some of our fleet of the Avanza also has 1.5 cc engine size. More power, more stable. Great to explore Bali island with the car rental.

MPV car rental Bali

6-8 persons
You should choose either for the Suzuki APV or the Toyota Innova. The APV is cheaper and bigger than the Innova, but the Innova is more convenience. Great for you who need a luxury comfort vehicle.

Toyota Innova car hire Bali

If you ask for our advise regarding which car should I take? We definitely advise you taking the Suzuki APV. It is because the price is cheaper than the Toyota Innova but it has more space inside and the same power engine size.

9-12 person
You need a tour car. A vehicle that can carry your group for about 9 - 12 persons. They are the KIA Pregio and the Isuzu Elf. Please note in order to rent these car you need to also hire the driver. The car cannot be renting in self driven.

The price to rent for the KIA Pregio and the Isuzu ELF is Including Petrol.

Those are the the cars that is available to rent from our company. Which one is better for you of course we leave it up to you to decide, which best car rental you should take for your transportation. All the car is on their good condition so do not worry about it.

A small clue for you: the best-most popular car rental for a small size car (4 seater car) is the Daihatsu Ayla while for a medium size car (7 eater car) is the Toyota Avanza. It is because both of the car has the option of Automatic transmission.

Top of that, maybe you need an assistance while you are on the road. This assistance can assist you with the road and places information you need, so you do not need to get lost in Bali in the middle of driving. Yes, we are talking about the GPS.

So, ready to go to Bali and know how many person in your group? Just go to the online booking form to book your car!

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Our car rental fleet is also available in this area, GUARANTEED Fast delivery to your hotel:

Canggu Jimbaran

Choose your best-most suitable car!
Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny
USD 18
4 Pax
Daihatsu Ayla small size automatic Bali car rental
Daihatsu Ayla
USD 20
4 Pax
Daihatsu Taruna
Daihatsu Taruna
USD 22
5 Pax
Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza
USD 25
7 Pax
Suzuki APV - MPV World Class
Suzuki APV
USD 28
8 Pax
Toyota Rush
Toyota Rush
USD 30
8 Pax
Toyota Kijang Innova
Toyota Innova
USD 30
8 Pax
Isuzu Elf
Isuzu Elf
USD 65
12 Pax
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