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Toyota Avanza as The Most Popular Car

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If you look for the vehicle for your transportation needs in Bali, we advise you to rent the Toyota Avanza. The Toyota Avanza is the most popular car not only among the domestic tourist, but also for overseas. Some reasons we can mention why the Toyota Avanza is great for you to rent a car in Bali.

Toyota Avanza Bali Automatic

First, the capacity of the passenger is quiet big. It is spacious enough. Maximum up to 7 persons. The car has 3 seat rows, at the front for 2 persons, in the middle for 3 persons and at the back for 2 or 3 persons. Good for your group in 4 - 6 persons. Even if you only 2 persons, the car is good as you will get the comfort and safety. Compared to the 1 more passenger such as the Toyota Innova (8 persons) or the Suzuki APV (8 persons), the price is much lower, safe to your budget.

Second, for 3 medium size car with 3 seat rows, the Toyota Avanza is the most fuel safest car. When you driving it to explore, you should not buy the petrol too much. It will safe your money from the petrol consumption. Compared with the Suzuki Jimny as the cheapest car to rent, the petrol consumption of Toyota Avanza is lower than the Suzuki Jimny.

Third, the Toyota Avanza is powerful. The engine size is 1.3, but you get everything from it to explore the island. You do not need a 4WD vehicle, as the fact is, even you pass the mountain to go to Lovina, for example, all of 2WD car (including for the Toyota Avanza) is more than just enough. Further information, there is no 4WD car to be rented in Bali.

Fourth, and this could be a very good news for automatic gear car lover: the Avanza is coming not only in manual gear but also in Automatic one!

For the information for the last four years the car renters always been choosen the automatic gear car instead of the manual one. Especially Chinese and Russian tourist. When they booked a car rental for self driven they always choosen the auto one. And luckily this can be solved if they rent the Toyota Avanza.

In addition to our new fleet we has been updating the quality of our car. This is including for the Toyota Avanza, of course, as the most favorite car rental among the renters for years. Just recently the manufacturer has launched a new type of the Avanza called Avanza Veloz. The Avanza Veloz is coming with more power of engine. If the standard Avanza has 1.3 engine size, Veloz has 1.5 engine size! More engine size mean that more convenience to drive to explore the island. To make a better-more competitive service to our worldwide customers who is coming to Bali to rent a car we make the same price between the Avanza and the Avanza Veloz. Nothing different regarding the price of renting. It should be a great deal for you.

Hire car in Lovina

Both of the manual and auto car of the Avanza is great. The car is convenience enough to driver on any type of road. The car is great to drive even you driving it pass to the mountain when you move to the north Bali area such as Lovina or Amed.

So no matter where you stay in Bali, driving the Toyota Avanza could be your best choice. Especially if you stay at the hills side of Jimbaran, rent the Toyota Avanza car is most advised, furthermore we can deliver the car rental in Jimbaran area fast as our car fleet is also available there!

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