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Why the Suzuki Jimny is Still Popular

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Car Rental in Bali > Bali in General > Why the Suzuki Jimny is Still Popular

The Suzuki Jimny (or the Suzuki Katana) is a Bali mini jeep vehicle. As a jeep type this car is not comfortable compared to a family or other multi purpose vehicle. Although its called as a jeep but please note that the car is no 4x4 wheel drive. Its 2x2wd car. Furthermore the Suzuki Jimny is all coming in manual gear. No automatic gear for the Jimny. If you are not used to drive this kind of car then we don't recommend you to hire this car for your car rental needs in Bali.

Bali cheap Suzuki Jimny car rental

The Suzuki Jimny is quiet an old car, discontinued in 2003. We can say that the car is a legendary car in Indonesia. Because from the first time it released by the factory in before year 2000, until now the car is still popular among the locals although once again it has been discontinued in 2003. But still the Suzuki Jimny had been becoming popular among the tourist from overseas as their car rental in Bali.

Another thing to keep in mind is the jeep is not convertible. It has permanent roof and cannot be opened. Actually in Bali you do not need a convertible car to be rented.


Many our previous customers, especially those who stayed in Ubud they mostly rented the Suzuki Jimny. This is because Ubud is only a small village with many small roads around it and thus it is easier if anybody who stay in Ubud to just rent and drive the small car rental.

How about if the renter need to move to other area after some days they stayed in Ubud Bali? It is not a problem. Driving the Jimny to explore the island is more than just enough. But to remind that it is highly advisable if the number of the passenger is only one or maximum two persons.


Some reason why the Suzuki Jimny is still popular among the renters, despite the fact that the size of the car is quiet small, but the car is quiet powerful to explore Bali island. The size give you more flexibility, and easy to move between small roads, or lane.

The car has 2 seat rows, with maximum 4 persons or passenger including the driver. But it is highly advised if the passenger is only one or two persons. Cannot be more. Furthermore it is not advised to rent this car, if you have a child in your group. The car is only good for adults, not for some children. Also we need you to remind that this car is not available for the seat belt of the baby car seat, so it is absolutely impossible to rent the baby car seat if you need it inside the car.

The back seat of the car is not so comfortable. Actually the back seat is not for the person. It is for the luggage. So although there is a back seat available in the car it is only good to be used to store your luggage. Maximum 2 unit of suitcases is ok to be stored at the back of the car.

Another reason is the Suzuki Jimny as because it is the cheapest car to rent. It is a budget car, great for a couple, especially young couple or the senior but has a young spirit, who do not quiet care with the surface look of the car. The design of the Suzuki Jimny is not pretty, but once again, it is still powerful enough to drive you anywhere inside Bali island.

Some of the previous renters said the Suzuki Jimny is a funny car. Its because the car looks vintage. The car body model does not meet with a now days car which is looks luxury and good looking. But the Jimny is the contrary. It has old-style or vintage looks and that's why some renters just said it is a funny car.

There was a renter from China with pre wedding activity in Bali and they ordered the Suzuki Jimny told us that they will use the car as their background photo for some their pre wedding photographic activities.

For those who will stay in a five star hotel in Bali and have a rent car with them, just for the information, renting this kind of car is not on their priority. They prefer to rent another better-expensive car such as the Toyota Avanza or the Toyota Innova as well.

Again, renting a Bali mini jeep of Suzuki Jimny is available. But to remind with the car conditions explained do not expect too much to the car. There are some goods and bads of the car. In the end as the car is a cheap car rental in Bali it should be on your first choice to rent the car in Bali.

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