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Bali Dance

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The Balinese society cannot be a part from the dance. Almost every religion activities, dance is always involved. For the Balinese, dance just like an offering for something to the God. Most of them, especially for the woman, they surely able to perform some dance.

Traditionally, Balinese dances can be categorized into 3 of group: tari wali (sacred dance), tari bebali (ceremony dance) and tari balih-balihan (showbiz dance)

Below are some popular dances in Bali:

- Tari Legong (Legong Dance)
Legong Dance is a Balinese clasic dance with the complex-rhythm of movement. This dance performed by two or more girl with the central personage Condong. The special thing about Legong dance is the used of the fan by the dancer.

- Tari Barong (Barong Dance)
Barong is the personage in Balinese mythology. He is the king from the spirits as the symbol of the kindness. Barong is the enemy of the badness, Rangda.

- Tari Kecak (Kecak Dance)
This dance was created in 1930 by Wayan Limbak and the painter Walter Spies. Wayan Limbak is the one who make the dance become popular not only in Bali or Indonesia, but also to the world. Most of Kecak dancers is a man.

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