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Museum in Bali

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There is an old building in Bali which still stand completely until now. It's located in center of Denpasar city. Pricesely, it's located in east side of Puputan field Badung, in Great Pura Jagat Natha side. The building has been promoted as the heritage of the Denpasar city.

The first building of museum in Bali province was built in 1910 by Dutch colonial who was concerned with the Bali prehistoric goods export activity to board. This things has a high value at international market until now.

The museum was then built again in 1920 after the damaged by the earthquake in 1917, but the function was changed as pantry until 1932. It was changed once again as museum since Walter Spies, Germany artist, give his idea to save and keep Bali prehistoric goods in this museum.

The museum consists of a number of building and pavilion which is showing many prehistoric goods. There are some examples of Bali Palace and Pura. The gate is carved as Bentar Temple and Kulkul tower (large drum for giving a kind of warning).

The major building shows prehistoric goods as stone, copper and traditional stuff which is use until today. The north pavilion shows the dance costume and a variety of masks, while central pavilion built as kind of Karangasem Pavilion Palace in Amlapura which is the King used to have a kind of meeting. The south pavilion shows a type of textile collection such as Endek, Ikat, Songket, and Prada.

For those who interesting to visit the museum, it is open at 07.30 until 15.30 on Monday until Thursday and at 07.30 until 13.00 on Friday.

This building has a long story. It's started at 1910, when the Dutch Ship landed in Bali with many tourist inside. Since that, Bali become famous in other country and it makes many foreign tourist came to Bali. But it make many historical artifacts in Bali lost. In that condition, resilient assistant Bali and Lombok Mr. WJF Kroon give order to Mr. Curt Grundler to make museum planning team which have order to made museum with combined temple and castle architecture. Their architect are I Gusti Gede Ketut Kandel from Bali and Curt Grundler from Germany. Cost and material to build that museum was supported by King of Buleleng, Tabanan, Badung, and Karang Asem.

But, when the building process of that museum almost finished at 1917, Batur mountain exploded. And it make some part of museum broken by the earthquake. In 1932, this museum finally finished and opened for public.

Bali's Museum consist of three pavilion, that is Tabanan building, Karang Asem building, and Buleleng building. The Museum concept is Tri Mandala. They are Nista Mandala (the outside), Madya Mandala (the outside before main), and Utama Mandala (the main). In the right side of front corner has a building which called "Bale Bengong". And in the left side of front corner has building which called "Bale Kulkul".

In Tabanan building there are many old times commodities like art commodities, accessory, household tools, ceremony tools, and many traditional weapons. Tabanan building has Tabunan regency architecture.

In Buleleng building with has north Bali style has many household, art, agriculture and fisherman, and entertainment tools, old sculpture which made of from soil, stone, and many more stored there.

In Karang Asem Building which has east Bali style many prehistoric, archaeology, ethnography commodities and some modern painting displayed in there.

Bali's museum has not less than 10.506 collection, include article, ceramic, ancient money and porcelain.



Sanur has famous museum too, that is Le Meyeur museum. This museum is keeping A.J. Le Mayeur creations, a famous painter from Belgium, but since 1973 he stay in Bali in Sanur area until he died. Le Mayeur is the one who promoted Sanur Beach to the world.



This museum built in the middle of 1950s has a collection of the best paintings coming from various art schools in Bali. It is located in the center of Ubud city, at the edge of Jl Raya Ubud and it supplies collections of paintings sold to visitors. The museum is open from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Museum Puri Laksana is not a large museum but it has beautiful and well taken care of art collections. The building of this museum has been finished to be renovated and having beautiful parks and water ponds. This museum has been succeed to give a description of the trend change of Balinese painting art from the first trend emerged in Ubud, from the traditional style which only has religion theme and puppet painting, to the modern style at present. In the changing era, Ubud painter artists pioneered the using of modern painting equipments and started to paint objects which figured out daily activities of Balinese community.

Rudolf Bonnet artist, supported by Pangeran Cokorda Gede Agung have an important role in the style changing of Balinese paintings. Besides, both of them are also commendable for their attempt to keep and preserve the Ubud artist work paintings by building this museum in 1973.


Museum Neka was built by Suteja Neka in 1976, a collector of Balinese art. This museum has a collection of beautiful and various arts exhibited to visitors attractively. Museum Neka is the best place to study the development of Balinese painting art.

It is located at Jl Sangiran and open every day from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. the visitors are not allowed to take a picture, especially by using a flash lamp. This museum has a cafe with its beautiful background panorama located in a strategic location for there are public transportation of Ubud-Kintamani route crossing the street.

Museum Neka has some rooms, like a room exhibiting local artist works influenced by leather puppet art. In the other side of the museum, there are collections of the young artists paintings from various art schools in Bali. Meanwhile, in the Lempad pavilion there are exhibitions of various famous Balinese artist work paintings, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad.

Museum Neka also has collection of paintings from outside Bali, such as the works of Abdul Azis, Affandi, Dullah, and Anton Kustia Wijaya. All of the paintings are set in a room labelled Ruangan Seni Indonesia Kontemporer. On the top floor of museum there are collections of foreign painters work paintings, such as Louse Koke, Miguel Covarrubias, Rudolph Bonnet, Donald Friend, Han Snel, and Antonio Blanco.

Suteja Neka also has an art gallery named Neka Gallery which is located separate from the museum, that is at a road behind Toko Ganesha. Neka Gallery has many art work collections in high quality from the Balinese artists and foreign painter works, such as Snel and Smit. Many of the paintings in this gallery are sold in high price.


This museum is located in Teges and it constitutes to be a large museum owned by an art lover, Nyoman Rudana. It consists of three floors and has collections of beautiful traditional paintings, such as the works of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and collections of modern art, as Affandi's works. An old calendar from the year of 1840 also becomes a collection of this museum. Next to the museum, there is a gallery selling many painting collections.

This museum is open from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. It lies at a street aiming to Denpasar which is easy to reach by public transportation.


This impressing museum becomes the only museum in Bali having a painting of famous artist Walter Spies and a painting entitled Potret Seorang Bangsawan Jawa dan Istrinya, the work of Raden Saleh, a momentous Indonesian painter from the 19 century.

The museum consists of two big buildings with art work collections owned by Agung Rai. The painting works of Lempad, Affandi, Sadali, Hofker, Bonnet, and Le Mayeur also become a collection of this museum. This museum is located at Jl. Raya Pengosekan and can be reached by public transportation of Ubud-Gianyar Route. It is open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. The visitor can have a dinner in cafes inside the museum after watching the museum collections.

This museum also show the traditional dance performance regularly and hold an art course, such as Bali style painting, music, and Bali dance. It is better for you to visit this museum when a group of children is performing Bali dance in this museum (Monday-Friday, 3-5 pm, or Saturday 10.30 am -12.00 pm) or when there is Gamelan orchestra performance (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 5 pm).


This museum lies near the Campuran Bridge (Jl. Raya Pengosekan) and has a complete name Blanco Renaissance Museum, dedicated to keep famous painter works from Spanyol, Antonio Blanco which came to Bali through Philipine. This painter was dead in Bali in December 1999. His house is located exactly beside the Campuran hanging bridge.

The works of Blanco generally are erotic paintings figuring women in a very intimate atmosphere. Indeed, Blanco is famous for his expert in erotic art and poem. His Poinciana style house is then set to be a museum.

Visiting this museum will be a pleasure activity, especially if you are a mature man enjoying the beauty of woman.

With all of that history record, the museum in Bali is a must visited place and be sure to put it on your schedule when you are in Bali.

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