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Transportation Options in Bali

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Getting around while you are in Bali is very easy. Just be sure that do not just walk-in near you hotel only, e.g just go to the beach behind your hotel, or just having breakfast at the restaurant in front of your hotel. True, Bali is a small island. But it does not mean you will just enough to enjoy it without 'go far' from your hotel. You will absolutely need a transportation to enjoy Bali with its unique culture, people and places of interest.

In order to know more about Bali, there are various options you can take. Which one is the best for you is depend on your needs, and also your budget. Also depend on how many persons in your group. It will be absolutely different for the transportation you will use, if you are alone with if you are in a group of 4 persons, for example.

Here please find the options how to get around in Bali>, as well.

Car rental agencies can be found in all major tourist areas. Prices start from USD 18 per day for a mini jeep Suzuki Jimny and about USD 33 per day for a luxury family car Toyota Innova. These price is for a Self drive option. If you want to hire a hire, just please add around USD 10 for 10 hours per day. If 10 hours is not enough for you, then you can take for additional hour, which will cost you around USD 4 - USD 6 per hour. And sometime, you will spend the night in the area of Bali which is far away such as Lovina or Singaraja, then you will be charged for around another USD 15 per night. This money is to cover the dinner and accommodation for the driver.

This option is becoming more popular recently. The fact that the road in Bali is more crowded, so rather than driving a car it is better just ride a motorbike! Of course, if you are in Bali with your family group, renting a car is the best option. The price for an automatic motorbike Honda Vario is USD 8 per day.

Cycling can be a cheap and enjoyable way to get around and about. It does, however, take some fitness to ride around the more central and hilly regions. One of the paradise area to get a bicycle rental is in Sanur area, around the famous Danau Tamblingan street.

Public transport in the form of mini-vans is by the far the cheapest way to travel, although not the most comfortable. It is not recommended if you do not have an 'adventure sense' in your life. Another minus for bemo is, this transportation only serve for short route, or does not serve for long route, e.g Kuta to Lovina.

Organised tours relieve you from the hassle of trying to navigate your own way around. You do have to follow itineraries however, so spur of the moment sight-seeing is not an option on these. The minus is you do not have any choice with the itinerary. It usually came from the organizer, and you will have to follow it.

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