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Bali Marine Walk in Nusa Lembongan

Bali Marine Walk is very interesting activity to do while you are in Bali for holiday. Good for the group of family, or couple. In Bali island, near the island, there are also some small islands. And, this activity located in Nusa Lembongan, a small island in south east Bali island. This small island has a limpid water on the beach. If you heard of Bali Hai Cruise before, this island is their destination via their cruise. So, you can use their service to take you to Nusa Lembongan to do the activity of Bali Marine Walk.

After you arrived in Nusa Lembongan, actually, there are plenty of activities can do. In this topic, the Bali Marine Walk is the one most advised: enjoying the beautiful view of sea bottom by walk!

To do this activity (walking in the bottom of the sea), we must wear the helmet. This special helmet has been designed with defogging system, so your eyes will be easy and free to see the panorama, as the bubbles has been blocked. The walkers will be will accompanied by the professional instructor, to guarantee the safety and comfort.

Please take for some important stuff with you: swimsuit, sun screen, extra-dry cloth, sandal and camera. Have fun in the sea bottom of Bali!

Great Activities in Bali

There are several options for the tourist can do some activities in Bali. Mostly, the activities can be enjoyed not only for the adults, but also for children. Or, it can be even involved the parent and their kid altogether. Below are some interesting activities in Bali you should try:


Did you know that you can ride an elephant in Bali ? Up close, elephants are enormous and lovely animals. Enjoy the beautiful natural view of Taro Village from the back of an elephant. Usually, this activity is combined with a visit to Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), in the art village of Ubud. This is a real elephant tour.


Enjoy a camel ride for usually for about 1 hour (including a 15 minutes break in the middle) in the Camel Safari located inside the Nikko Bali Resort & Spa on the south of Bali, Nusa Dua.


There is a special facility that allows you to come in close touch with dolphins off the cost of Serangan near Sanur. Here, you can touch, hug, feed and play catch with dolphins. You will be enchanted with these charming and intelligent animals. Sure to be an unforgettable experience. In Lovina area, there is also some places to see the attraction of the dolphins

Elephant Safari Ride in Taro Bali

After visiting for several places of interest such as lake, beach, museum, temple and any other places, it is advised for you to visiting another type of the interesting place: Elephant Ride in Taro, Tegalalang Bali. Riding an elephant in an sub-urban in area in Bali? Humm..interesting!

With the collection of more than 20 elephants, guaranteed you will see many of the most interesting activity of these animals. Not only interesting, but also funny. If you visiting the Taro village to ride the elephant in Bali along with your family and children, your child will be more happy.

For about 30 minutes, on the top of elephant body, you will be engaged to walk around the Taro village, to see the citizen there doing their daily activity. After that, you will be entertained by those elephants with attraction of playing football, basketball, drawing or give you a flower. Once again, visiting this activity in Bali with the family and children will be more interesting. As the children will love it much!

Taro village is located at Tegalang, Ubud Bali. From Kuta, the location can be reached in about 1 hour drive by car. Best way to reach the place is by renting a car in Bali. Another way is by ride the taxi, but it is not advised as the price will be more expensive.

Cycling in Bali

Cycling is an adventure tour that will take you further knowing the various of Bali nature and the living of the Balinese. This kind of adventure will usually taking the road at the country side of Bali island. This way make the possibilities for you to interact more with the local in sub urban area

In Bali, this kind of activity has been included in the interesting Bali tour package that you can choose, which one is look good for you. The tour company in Bali who operate this activity has been completing their tools with the international standard, including for the safety.

If you can choose for one of them, beside the tools, you will also get a guide who will make your holiday will be planned very well. This will help you to avoid any stresses, as you just need to follow for what they had programmed.

The recommended track of cycling in Bali is mount Batur, mount Batukaru, Ubud, Ayung, Kintamani and Jatiluwih.

The price to do cycling in Bali is vary. If you get this service from a tour company, the price is between USD 30 - USD 40 per person. Minimum bikers is 2 persons. The price is including for the hotel transfer with an air con vehicle, international standard tools, guide, lunch, toilet and insurance.

2 in 1 Trekking in Bali

Trekking is one of the most interesting activity while you are in Bali. You should try this thing. If you want to have a trekking for 2 mountains at the same time, the schedule below could be the good one for you to follow:

Day 1

Go to Kintamani. You can stay there in a hotel, located in Toyabungkah, at the slope of Gunung Batur. Some of the hotel in Toyabungkah has a submerged facility in a hot water pool, inside the hotel.

Day 2

Early in the morning you can start the trekking to the top of mount Batur to see the beautiful sunrise. After you enjoy the view of the Batur Lake Kintamani, you can go back to Toyabungkah. Before you do that, you can stop by to the place of interest around Batur Lake.

In the afternoon, goes to Besakih or Agung market via Penelokan-Rendang. After that, you can over night there, as your base camp. From Toyabungkah, the trip to those 2 places required about 2 or 3 hours.

Day 3

Early in the morning, you start trekking to the top of mount Agung. If your time is right, you can enjoy a great sunrise right at the top of the highest mountain in Bali. With normal step, you will be back at your base camp in Agung market, or Besakih in the afternoon. From there you can directly goes back to Kuta or another place you would like to go, next.

There is another alternative to do some trekking in Bali. You can get the package from a tour travel company to arrange everything you need regarding the trekking. The price is vary, but it should be around USD 200 - USD 300 per person, with minimum 2 persons.

The price is including for the transfer from your hotel in Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua or Ubud area. It is also including for porter, guide, entrance fee to the Mount Agung National Park. Another included are trekking tool, sleeping bag, cooking tool, lamps, food and insurance. Other than that, there will be extra charge.

Trekking at Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located in Bangli Regency. The high of the mountain is about 1,717 meter above the sea level. This mountain is an active volcano, until now days. Situated at the west side of Mount Agung, this mountain has a caldera 13.8 x 10 kilometer, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful one in the world.

The hole of the caldera is between 1,267 - 2,152 meters high. Inside the first caldera, shaped a second caldera circled with the diameter about 7 kilometers.

Mount Batur has been so many times erupted. Since 1804, this mountain has been erupted 26 times. The most powerful of a large explosion was in 2 August - 21 September 1926. The explosion of the mountain piled Batur village and Ulun Danu Temple, near Bedugul. The last explosion was in 2000.

The trekking to mount Batur is guaranteed exciting. When you reach the top of the mountain, when sunrise, the panorama is the best view in the world. On that time, you will see the beauty of Bali island, sun bathed with the sun. Beside the rug of Batur Lake, at the same point, you will also see the Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali. Furthermore, you can see also Mount Rinjani in Lombok island. For your information, via road, you must reach Padangbai Harbour in order to reach Lombok island.

The starting point of trekking to Batur mountain usually in front of Pura Jati, Toya Bungkah Kintamani. Usually, the first step can be done early in the morning around 4am. With normal step, the journey to the top can be reached around 2 hours.

Trekking at Mount Agung

Trekking, or climbing the mountain, is a one of a very exciting activity, especially when you are in Bali. This kind of activity will make you closer with nature. In Bali, there are many trekking track that you may try. All of the tracks is offering a great natural view of panorama.

From many of those trekking track, maybe trekking to Mount Agung could be the best one. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. The high is 3.031 meter from the sea level. The mountain location is in Karangasem Regency, east Bali. The Balinese society believe that the mountain is sacred. So, this is a holy mountain. However, Mount Agung that was lastly erupted in 1963 is open for public to be trekked.

Mount Agung has a big and deep crater. Sometime, the mountain produced smoke and steam water. From Besakih Temple, this mountain look like a sharp cone. From the top of Mount Batur, we can see the top of mount Rinjani, located in Lombok island, the island near Bali island, which is also great for holiday.

To reach mount Agung for trekking, thera are 3 pathway that you can do:

- south, from Selat via Sangkan Kuasa
- sout east, from Budakeling via Nangka
- west, is a common trekking way used by the trekker. This point is starting in Besakih Temple.


Surfing is a water sport using a board as a tool for you to manoeuvre on the sea wave. This sport is usually must be done on the high wave-tide. More high of the wave, more high you can enjoy this sport

With the push of the wave the board (we called this a surfboard) will be moved and the surfer driving his surfboard. Your adrenaline will be pumped up. While on the sea, you have to keep the surfboard on the right way and also keeping the balance.

In Bali, one of the coolest beach to do this sport is in Kuta beach. In Kuta, although you can bring your own board, you can borrow the board directly on the beach. There are some Kuta beach boys rented the boards. There are about 500 meters surfboards that is available to be rented.

The price to rent the board is vary, between USD 5 - USD 20. Usually, the price is including for the additional guidance how to surf. If you are an expert, of course you do not need an advise from them.

It is not only Kuta beach as a great place to surf. Some of other beach like the Medewi Beach, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Dreamland and Padang - Padang are also good to surf. Once again, the most favorite beach to surf, until nowdays, is Kuta beach.


Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the under water heaven. This activity is almost the same with a free-ordinary diving, diving at the some depth of below sea level. The different is if free-diving equipped with the special tools and skills, while snorkeling using the tools which is quiet simple. Furthermore, it does not required a complicated tools also.

As long as you are able to swim, you definitely will master it. The tools is simple. You will have too need a masker, snorkel and fin.

The masker made by a rubber with the function as the window to see into the water and avoid the water flow to the nose. Without the masker, the eyes will be smarting because of the salt.

Snorkel is a tool helping for breathing. This tool is an air pipe with one of the end inserted to the mouth, while another end is on the air, just above the water. Before using the snorkel in the water, be practice first to whiff the air through the mouth.

And the fin is a rubber shoes designed like the foot of the frog which has the function to accelerate your move when you are floating on the water.

The risk of snorkeling is lower than diving. With snorkeling, you can do this water activity much more enjoy. The only dis-advantage of the snorkeling is you cannot enjoy the view of under water at most deep inside, you can only enjoy it from the shallow waters, close to the beach.

The location you can find for snorkeling is in Sanur, Amed, Tulamben, Lovina, Nusa Penida and at Menjangan Island (West Bali). The price to do the activity is vary between USD 15 - USD 25.

Sea Walker

Have you ever been walking at the bottom of the sea, just like walking on the ground? You still can breathe normally, of course. Just please try, Sea Walker. This is one of the best activity you can do while you are in Bali. In Indonesia, this such of adventure is only available in Bali. While you are walking at the bottom of the sea, only your head that will be covered with a special helmet, waterproof. Inside the helmet there is an oxygen interval connected to the base, at up of water, or land.

With Sea Walker, for about 15 minutes forward, you can enjoy playing with the fish or other sea animals. To avoid any possibility of nervous, you will have to listen some short training regarding the activity, from the instructor.

After you registered, sign a from for the insurance, and do the payment, you will be allowed to change your cloth with the swimming cloth. After that an instructor will demo you how to dive, Sea Walker way. Lastly, the under water guide will give you a safety jacket and a pair of special shoes for you to walk at the bottom of the sea.

With the speedboat, you will be taken to a special canal, about 500 meters from the beach. Before you go down to the sea, a special helmet will be given to you, to be used to your head. The helmet is just like for the one that has been used for the astronaut, outer the space.

After set up, with other member of Sea Walker, you will be guided to go down to the sea. At the bottom of the sea, 2 persons of guide will continue guides you. Usually, a long-stainless stick will be given so that every member still in side by side.

The final moment is arrived: you can say hello to the funny fish, at the bottom of the sea. Introduce you to them who you are. Do not forget to bring an under water special digital camera for this moment.

Bali Submarine

Diving is not the only adventure you can try to see the under water beauty of Bali. For those who want to explore the beauty of the under water, but not too dare to dive, you can try the sub marine tour. For about 45 minutes, you can see the beautiful of tropical under water view and its fishes, and any other common under water creatures.

Until today there is not much this such service of activity in Bali. One of the service came from Odyssey Submarine a sub marine with maximum up to 36 passengers, specially designed for the under water tour program. You can find the service in Bali at the Labuhan Amuk, a beach situated between Klungkung and Karangasem regency. You can reach the place in about 45 minutes drive from Kuta.

In the submarine, about 35 meters below the sea surface level, you can see the under water panorama which is may be you never imagine before.

The price for the domestic tourist is USD 50. But, for overseas tourist, the price is charged higher, around USD 70. The price usually including for the hotel transfer (pick up and return), welcome drink, lunch and drink, diving certificate and the insurance.

Usually, you will be picked up at 7.30 in the morning, Bali time.

Rafting Tips

Rafting is an adventure by going along the edge of the river which has challenging swift flow. It is one of popular activity in Bali, beside diving and snorkeling. In order to do this activity, we need a boat rubber. And there is no other tools to drive the boat except for oar. Because of that, the cohesive between the passenger is very important.

Now it is time to pump up the adrenaline. Good news is, this activity can be done in a group. From 2, 4 or 6 persons can enjoy this activity at the same time, same boat. If all of them is someone you knew, like your family member, or friends, that would be more perfect.

In Bali, we can find many of rafting adventure. One of the popular one we can find it at the Telaga Waja Bali. The price to enjoy the adventure is ranging between USD 40 - USD 60. Remember, this activity is very recommended to be played by adults only. If there is a chance, no children allowed.

If you are interesting to try the rafting in Bali, this short guidance will may be to help you:

1) Before starting the rafting, you will be given a pant, helmet and safety jacket by the organizer. Tight them up with gentle to make sure your safety is set up. If you still does not understand how to use it, do not hesitate to ask your instructor how to set it up perfectly.

2) After the tools was set up, the instructor will give you some guidance about the basic rule of rafting, how to hold the oar, the technical of how to float in the water, and any special codes from the instructor (captain) while you are in action. Watch and listen carefully to the instructor when he gives all these kind of explanation.

3) In the middle of rafting, stay cool, relax. Listen to what every captain order. When a big wave come and hit the boat, do not panic. Instead, just laugh and smile for more. This is way can reduce your fear, actually.

4) Do not hesitate to shout louder while you are on the river! It is truly very interesting. Furthermore, no one will hear your scream, beside the member of your group on the same boat.

5) Feel free to do anything, including if you want to mash. It is on the river already, no body will know. See, now you find the importance that you are doing this activity with someone you knew.

After you understand with the rules, you are ready to go! To make sure you will get this experience, it is better to make a booking first. Especially on the high season and peak season in Bali, make a booking for rafting activity sometime need for extra time to be confirmed for the availability.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a walking explore the under water world activity. For the scuba diver (we call this for scuba lover), this activity is very interesting. You must try and do not avoid to try the activity while you are in Bali.

To be a diver is not difficult. You only need to get a training for about 3 days. Guarantee, within those 3 days, you will be an expert. In Bali we can find easily many of the scuba vendors, including for the train for diving. It is also easy to find the tools of diving, with a competitive price offered between vendors.

The most interesting thing about this Bali water sport is when you are there, in the bottom of the sea. Different from the snorkeling which is only enjoy under water from the surface of the sea, diving is enjoy the under water from the bottom of the sea! You will be needed more tools to do this sport. One of them is an oxygen storage, which is on snorkeling it is not used.

International law stated, to be allowed for diving, somebody must be capable to understand the theory and the skill as a scuba driver, and also holding the license of Open Water Divers (OWD) from the authorized council. In Indonesia, the council name is PADI (Professional Association Diving Instructor).

Flying Fish

The name of the water sport is Flying Fish. This water sport is very exciting. We can say that the flying fish is a combination between banana boat and parasailing. This game is combining four banana boat into one connection structure, switched with a string to the speed boat. The speed boat then taken the flying fish to the sea, on the air.

The speed of the boat must be minium 100 kilometers per hour, in order for the flying fish can fly to the sky. After successful, the flying fish is now about 10 - 15 meters high. Very excited!

To make the flying fish to be fly in the sky, there are 2 conditions must be applied. First, the speed of the speed boat must be more than 100 kilometers per hour. Second, the wind blow also must be quiet strong. Just one of the condition is not applied, this game cannot be proceed.

The venue of this water sport in Bali can be only founded in Tanjung Benoa beach, about 15 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International airport Bali. On the location you will find may of the vendor of this exciting water sport.

How much is the price? It is about IDR 200.000. You will enjoy the sport for about 15 minutes.


The word Parasailing was taken from the word parachute and sailing. So, your body will be bunched on the parachute with two harness. Then, with a string bunched to the speed boat, it will be pulling you in the middle of the sea. The high speed of the speed boat will make your parachute (and also your body) fly to the sky.

On the position on the high sky, you will find that the sensation is awesome. Flying on the parachute at 100 meters above the sea level could not be imagine before. But, it is now true. It works.

Some people advised that the exciting and the horrifying was gathered at the same time. Just like the banana boat, the parasailing can be enjoyed in Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Lovina and Lake Beratan Bedugul.

The price to get a parasailing in Bedugul is IDR 65.000 per 15 minutes. In Tanjung Benoa and Sanur, you must pay between IDR 100.000 - IDR 125.000. While in Lovina beach, you must pay for USD 20 per 15 minutes.

Banana Boat

This is a popular water sport by riding a rubber boat, banana designed. For every boat, the participant must be limited to maximum up to six persons. After ready for action, this banana boat will be pulled by a speed boat to the sea with high speed. In the middle of the sea, mostly the speed boat will be suddenly turned left, or right, without reducing the speed. The result is all the participant on the banana boat will be fallen to the water. For safety, of course, all participant must be wearing a standard safety cloth, included on their body before they start the action.

The venues of the water sposts in Bali can be founded in Tanjung Benoa beach, Sanur, Lovina and Lake Beratan Bedugul. These places of interest has been well-known for the water sports heaven in Bali for many times. Seems that these Bali activities has been enjoyed much not only for local tourist, but also from overseas.

The price to enjoy the banana boat is IDR 50.000 for 15 minutes. This is valid in Tanjung Benoa and Sanur beach. The minimum participant must be at least 2 persons.

If you do this water sport in Lovina, the price is more expensive. The price is IDR 150.000 per person, with minimum participant is 4 persons.

Bali Tour Guides

There are two kinds of guides. Freelance, unofficial guides or touts, pushing tourist-oriented businesses and hanging around Bali's airport, the bus/bemo stations, and ferry terminals. Though they can be quite forward and persistent at times, you do not necessarily have to be paranoid about these men or boys who volunteer their services. They could actually save you a lot of trouble, footwork, and even money if you learn how to work with them and if you are able to sense the good ones from the bad.

Be open. Tour in Bali using guides could lead you to a new accommodation that is really eager to please, may otter discounts to a hotel that wants to attract new clientele, or could help you get transport or performance tickets. Their fee, tacked to the base price if not ridiculously high might be worth it.

The same thing goes for self-appointed, multilingual guides who attach themselves to you at the base of volcanoes and at entrances to temples and museums. These contacts could lead to fresh insights and even exciting experiences. Local guides are a part of the color of a new place. These characters seem to have friends everywhere, might work for a tour company on the side, and have an uncle who will sell you Wayang puppets for a special price.

Then there are the officially sanctioned guides who supposedly have been professionally trained. These 300 are registered as guides, belonging to the Bali Guide Association, speak either English, Japanese, German, French, or Mandarin in addition to Indonesian and their own regional tongue. Their services cost more than volunteer guides. You will meet one of these certified guides if you join a local tour. The most talented know the best stopovers for snacks or modern amenities, can take you to places seldom visited, explain landmarks, put you in touch with the local people.

But the government regulation as to who can qualify as a registered guide is highly restrictive. Only people with money can afford to register, and thus they jack up the prices to cover their official fees. Moreover, not all these registered guides get high marks. Some demand fees from art shops and restaurants for delivering tourists; others pocket expenses that were promised as part of your tour price.

Sometimes it is better to employ a nonprofessional, family-style guide, particularly if you are coming for only 10 days or so, do not want to be in a group tour cocoon, and would like to expedite matters so as not to have to find out every- thing on your own without getting ripped off. The price freelancers charge often winds up being cheaper than most tour agencies. A good place to start inquiring about a personalized guide is with your home stay or hotel owner.

Tour in Bali

While you are in Bali, you will save money, your experience will be less structured, and your mobility increased if you take on the island independently. An organized tour, however, enables you to quickly see what Bali has to offer. Then you may decide to go back and experience in depth what you enjoyed most. In nearly every case, it is possible to do some independent touring before and after your tour.

Contact the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country for tour companies specializing in Bali. In Indonesia, any of the regional tourist offices can help you select the right tour company.

There are a wide range of guided tour activities to choose from: volcano-climbing, bicycling, skin diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, hiking, shopping, attending festivals, visiting temples, exploring the island's archaeological remains, or systematically visiting Bali's arts and crafts centers. On cultural tours, if silverware, woodcarving, and souvenir shops are not your interest, do not let the guide stop in too many. These stops serve only to bigger the pockets of the guides and drivers.

Tour agencies lining the streets and lanes of Kuta, Legian, Candidasa, Ubud, and Lovina offer fixed-departure tours for a set price, usually for six to 12 people. The Denpasar and each regency government tourist office, as well as the tour desks at larger hotels, are always ready to advise you about specialized tours.

The success of a tour depends largely on the experience and knowledge of the guide leading it. Tours are conducted by English-speaking guides unless tour participants request guides speaking other foreign languages (French, German, Japanese, Chinese). Tours often start from the agencies head office, though many also pick up participants at their hotels, home stays, or in front of well-known landmarks.

The price depends primarily on the type of transport used, the number of people in your group, and the length of your tour. Most only run if there are at least four people, so if one operator cannot run the tour you want when you want it, just check out the next place. Most take in sights along the way and the tour lasts all day. Tour participants may alter/modify the tour by pitching in and paying extra. For example, from Penelokan down to the crater floor costs an extra Rp 20000 per person on the Kintamani Volcano Tour.

Bali Beach Safety

Don't be deceived by the crowds on the Kuta or Legian beach areas. Even though the beach here is quite dangerous, you still see people swimming exactly where they are not supposed to swim. It is common during the busy July and August period that as many as five people die or turn up missing over a six week period. During this same period, another four or five are pulled out of the dangerous undercurrents in front ot Surya Restaurant and the Padma Hotel in Legian.

If you extrapolate this over the course of a year, you get 40 fatalities a year due to drownings off Kuta and Legian.

There are certain facts that all tourists should be aware of when they arrive at Kuta. First, there are extremely strong undercurrents. Second, because Indonesia still does not have the resources that Australia, the USA, or Japan, if you get pulled out to sea, well, it's basically you and the ocean, and if you are not Mark Spitz, the ocean will win.

Between Kuta and Legian, there are only four lifeguards (beach security is trying to increase that number). Kuta is also not blessed with access to speedboats or helicopters that will come fish you out it you are unlucky enough to get pulled out to sea when the lifeguard is not looking your way.

Moreover, once it gets dark, there is no way that anyone can find you out in the endless black ocean. Indonesian authorities simply do not have access to the strong strobe lights necessary to conduct a search after dark. Furthermore, because the undercurrent is so strong, you could find yourself hundreds of meters out to sea before anyone even notices that you are missing.

Aerial searches are not conducted and the few rubber boats on hand are no match for mother nature which certainly, as the search is going on, will be pulling you farther and farther out to sea. Kuta and Legian beach is not an episode out of Baywatch where being pulled out to sea is rewarded by mouth to mouth with Pamela Anderson.

While there are dangerous areas of the beach (especially between Surya Restaurant and the bungee jump), swimming on Kuta Beach does not have to be life threatening. The beach patrol, which puts up danger signs, knows what it's doing and swimmers who swim between the safe red and yellow flags have very little chance of encountering bad currents. People only die because they swim precisely where they are not supposed to swim.

Kuta Sport & Recreation

Kuta's six-kilometer-long, crescent-shaped surfing beach, protected by a coral reef at its southern end, and long and wide enough for Frisbee contests and soccer games, is famous for its beautiful tropical sunsets and broad swath of gray sand, and also list of great eating places along the beach.

Huge crowds gather it sunset, setting up tripods, reading novels, humming guitars, swigging cold beer, tripping in magic mushrooms. Vendors, who may not venture beyond an official demarcation line, offer massages, drinks, souvenirs, and bikinis. Large sun umbrellas are for rent.

The beach is extremely crowded in August and December. For any semblance of seclusion you have to walk north for at least a kilometer past Legian.


Kuta became a hippie haven and surf paradise the early 70s. The best waves are the lefthanders out on Kuta Reef; the best surfing from March to July. Kuta Reef is accessible motorized outrigger from Jimbaran.

Young Kuta cowboys tend to be real possessive about their waves, make friends with them first. For surfing equipment, head for the dozen or so surf shops on Bakung Sari and Jl. Legian. Run by veteran surfers, these shops rent and sell surfboards, boogie boards, and such accessories as watersport wear and tide charts. These guys can also give you current information on the state of surf. Surfboards can also be rented on beach.

Bali Water Sport

If you really into water sports, stay in Nusa Dua, Sanur or Tanjung Benoa, Candidasa on the coast, or Bedugul in the mountains of Tabanan Regency. Dozens of sea sport agencies line Sanur's main street, offering water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and chartered sailboats.

Sample prices: jet ski for 15 minutes Rp 40,000; parasail for Rp 20,000 per round; water ski for 15 minutes Rp 20,000; windsurf for one hour Rp 25,000; speedboat for two hours with a minimum of two passengers Rp 100,000, Rp 20,000 per hour with a maximum of four; paddle car Rp 20,000 per hour; banana boat for 15 minuted at Rp 20,000 per passengers.


Along with ordinary surfing, windsurfing is gaining great popularity, see brightly colored sails leap over waves off Kuta, Sanur and Candidasa. July and August are the best time to windsurf. Ideal wind velocity is 15 km/hour, and you can windsurf from Sanur to Serangan Island. Sanur Wind Surfing Centre is offering the best service, charges Rp 25,000 per hour and gives windsurfing lessons for Rp 30,000 and surfing tours around Bali. They can be contacted at 288976.


The safest area to swim are the coral lagoons abutting Sanur, Nusa Dua and Candidasa. Kuta and Legian boast excellent body surfing with crystal-clear water and top-to-bottom tubes. For your own safety, swim only between the red and yellow flags, never after sunset, and do not swim deeper than your body length.

The undertow off Kuta or Legian is extremely treacherous and unpredictable. One of Bali's nicest, least known beaches for swimming is at the airport end of Kuta in Legian. Virtually all of the luxury-class hotels, and a growing number of small, moderately prices hotels, have swimming pools.

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Toyota Kijang Innova
Toyota Innova
USD 30
8 Pax
Isuzu Elf
Isuzu Elf
USD 65
12 Pax
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