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Bali Activities

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Bali Marine Walk in Nusa Lembongan
Bali Marine Walk is very interesting activity to do while you are in Bali for holiday. Good for the group of family, or couple. In Bali island, near the island, there are also some small islands. And, this activity located in..
Great Activities in Bali
There are several options for the tourist can do some activities in Bali. Mostly, the activities can be enjoyed not only for the adults, but also for childrens. Or, it can be even involved the parent and their kid altogether...
Elephant Safari Ride in Taro Bali
After visiting for several places of interest such as lake, beach, museum, temple and any other places, it is advised for you to visiting another type of the interesting place: Elephant Ride in Taro, Tegalalang Bali. Riding an elephant in..
Cycling in Bali
Cycling is an adventure tour that will take you further knowing the various of Bali nature and the living of the Balinese. This kind of adventure will usually taking the road at the country side of Bali island. This way..
2 in 1 Trekking in Bali
Trekking is one of the most interesting activity while you are in Bali. You should try this thing. If you want to have a trekking for 2 mountains at the same time, the schedule below could be the good one..
Trekking at Mount Batur
Mount Batur is located in Bangli Regency. The high of the mountain is about 1,717 meter above the sea level. This mountain is an active volcano, until nowdays. Situated at the west side of Mount Agung, this mountain has a..
Trekking at Mount Agung
Trekking, or climbing the mountain, is a one of a very exciting activity, especially when you are in Bali. This kind of activity will make you closer with nature. In Bali, there are mmay trekking track that you may try...
Surfing is a water sport using a board as a tool for you to manuver on the sea wave. This sport is usually must be done on the high wave-tide. More high of the wave, more high you can enjoy..
Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the under water heaven. This activity is almost the same with a free-ordinary diving, diving at the some depth of below sea level. The different is if free-diving equipped with the special tools..
Sea Walker
Have you ever been walking at the bottom of the sea, just like walking on the ground? You still can breathe normally, of course. Just please try, Sea Walker. This is one of the best activity you can do while you..
Bali Submarine
Diving is not the only adventure you can try to see the under water beauty of Bali. For those who want to explore the beauty of the under water, but not too dare to dive, you can try the sub marine..
Rafting Tips
Rafting is an adventure by going along the edge of the river which has challenging swift flow. It is one of popular activity in Bali, beside diving and snorkeling. In order to do this activity, we need a boat rubber. And..
Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is a walking explore the under water world activity. For the scuba diver (we call this for scuba lover), this activity is very interesting. You must try and do not avoid to try the activity while you are..
Flying Fish
The name of the water sport is Flying Fish. This water sport is very exciting. We can say that the flying fish is a combination between banana boat and parasailing. This game is combining four banana boat into one connectiong..
The word Parasailing was taken from the word parachute and sailing. So, your body will be bunched on the parachute with two harness. Then, with a string bunched to the speed boat, it will be pulling you in the middle..
Banana Boat
This is a popular water sport by riding a rubber boat, banana designed. For every boat, the participant must be limited to maximum up to six persons. After ready for action, this banana boat will be pulled by a speed boat..
Bali Tour Guides
There are two kinds of guides. Freelance, unofficial guides or touts, pushing tourist-oriented businesses and hanging around Bali's airport, the bus/bemo stations, and ferry terminals. Though they can be quite forward and persistent at times, you do not necessarily have..
Tour in Bali
While you are in Bali, you will save money, your experience will be less structured, and your mobility increased if you take on the island independently. An organized tour, however, enables you to quickly see what Bali has to offer...
Bali Beach Safety
Don't be deceived by the crowds on the Kuta or Legian beach areas. Even though the beach here is quite dangerous, you still see people swimming exactly where they are not supposed to swim. It is common during the busy July..
Kuta Sport & Recreation
The Beach
Kuta's six-kilometer-long, crescent-shaped surfing beach, protected by a coral reef at its southern end, and long and wide enough for Frisbee contests and soccer games, is famous for its beautiful tropical sunsets and broad swath of gray sand, and..
Bali Water Sport
If you really into water sports, stay in Nusa Dua, Sanur or Tanjung Benoa, Candidasa on the coast, or Bedugul in the mountains of Tabanan Regency. Dozens of sea sport agencies line Sanur's main street, offering waterskiing, jet skiing, parasailing,..
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