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Where To Surf in Bali

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When surfing in Bali be noted that you can do it at anywhere in the island. From the east side to the west side, from the north side to the south side. To know it better please find it here for the detail of where can I surf in Bali?

Padang Padang

Uluwatu's status as the number one surfing spot has since been challenged by Padang Padang, a shallow reef breaks just two km down the coast on the southern tip on Bali. Surfer Magazine has called Padang Padang, one of the 10 best surf spots in the world. The hollow left-handers here are some of the most consistent in the world, which is essential for competition.

Since Padang Padang receives swells from storms generated deep in the Indian Ocean, the tide can swell from a half-meter low to extra-ordinary highs of six to eight meters in a matter of hours. Very risk below mid-tide. From Uluwatu, take the narrow track along the cliff, then climb down to the beach, or ask for the car/bike track down to the beach. Imposing coastal scenery.


Easily reached by car rental, Sanur lies on the east coast opposite Kuta Beach. The break in front of the Bali Beach Hotel maintains fast, good-sized, hollow right reef breaks at four or five meters; beware of the strong current. When the wind turns onshore at Kuta, it turns offshore at Sanur. Best in the wet season (October - April). Depending on swell size and direction, Sanur can be surfed at any tide. When it is on, this is a world class wave.

Lots of locals. At high tide in front of the Sanur Beach market there is a very sharp, fast, short left-hander. For bigger waves, hire one of the sailboats to take you to the channel in front of the Hyatt Regency Sanur, but in a high wind and rips the spot can be lethal.

Nusa Lembongan and Medewi

Another superb surfing spot is Nusa Lembongan. A small island off the east coast near the island of Nusa Penida. Take the small boat from Sanur (at least three daily) for a person or a group. Stay in Wayan's Bungalows in front of the old shipwreck.

There are three main breaks in this vicinity. Also check out Medewi, near Negara, about 75 km on the main road west of Denpasar. There are several losmen (inn) to stay in.


Lying on the southerly tip facing the menacing Indian Ocean, in the driest part of the island, the Balinese consider Uluwatu ruled by black magic energy. With its impressive cliffs, remote beaches, endless sunshine and hips of bikini girls, this is one of the premier surfing spots on the planet.

From the road at the top of the cliffs where the bemo drops you off, boys will carry your surfboard and equipment the three kilometers down to the gorge. Or a motorcycle will take you most of the way down; park it by the gorge. Climb down into the large sea cave at the bottom of the cliff which opens to the ocean, the only way to paddle out to the waves.

Since it sits on the extremity of the bay, Uluwatu picks up bigger swells that Sanur or Kuta. Get there early for the morning session when it is not uncommon that sets of 10 waves continue for two or three hours. When the offshore winds are coming in, it is almost impossible to take off on some of Uluwatu's two-and three-meter waves.

Warung (small restaurant) in a row above the cave sell drinks, food, snacks, and beds for the night. From here you can survey what the other surfers are doing and decide which of the six different breaks you want to take on: the Peak, the Race Track, the Bommie, the Outside Corner, etc. If they have not al been slaughtered by the time you get there, giant sea turtles and dugongs can sometimes be seen in the water.

Kuta and Legian

Kuta and Legian offer some recreational waves of up to two meters, fanned and given shape by the offshore winds for at least nine months of the year. During the summer, December until February, the weather is inconsistent, from clear and calm to cyclone and back in five hours. Watch out of hardpacked sand, sneaky undertows, and cross-currents, and heed the danger signs posted on the beach. Around Kuta there is a wide range of boards for rent and for sales against losmen (inn) walls. Buy wax for your board at Sunshine Surfboard Shop at Jl. Legian.

Kuta is so popular that there could be as many as 400 surfers out on a good day, with a particularly heavy local component. It is difficult to escape the crowds even if you paddle way out. Best is to take a jukung out where the surf is safer, the boat boys will advise where it is all happening. Kuta Reef, which surrounds the end of the runway approximately one-half km offshore, creates fast left-handers which sometimes attain three meters without boiling or sucking dry over the shallow coral reef.

Another left-hander, usually bigger than Kuta Reef, breaks just off the channel in front of the The Patra Bali Resort. Because of its easy takeoff, this is an ideal wave for beginners. South of the airstrip, you will find some big right-handers during hight tide, take a perahu (small boat).

Diving Location in Bali

Nusa Dua

The diving location in Nusa Dua built as the coral extensive in Tanjung Benoa. We can find the coral contingent, ranging from north to the south, following the Nusa Dua Resort coast line. This is the only area in Bali that has been dived routinely.

The most interesting thing to be visited in this area is the one near Nusa Dua Hotel in Nusa Dua area. Although the under water view is not spectacular, in this location we can see an interesting coral formation, sponges and funny fishes.


Candidasa is offering the diving activity with the spectacular under water view. At the Candidasa, we can find a layered coral wall. Lot of full colored  funny fishes is also finded there.


Tulamben is very popular among the diver in Bali. There are about 7 dive sites on this beach. The under water view is very beautiful. Very recommended for the one who want to have some diving while in Bali.


The location is just near of Tulamben. Amed is situated in Jemeluk Gulf. The condition of the water is very clear, with no surface wave. For the junior diver, Amed is the best choice.


Pemuteran is situated at the north Bali. The Pemuteran area is on Bali Sea, only few kilometers from the north beach West Bali and as part of the West Bali National Park. The area is protected by the goverment.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is situated on the west Bali. We can say that the Menjangan Island is the best diving area in Bali.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a small island near Bali. We must take a ferry to go to Nusa Penida from Bali. There are also other 2 small islands there, that is Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan.

Padang Bai

Padangbai, 90 km northwest of Sanur, is a favorite scuba spot where you can dive from the beach or a boat offshore. Dives are from three to 20 meters, and the current can be very strong.


Sambirenteng, a village on the northeast coast between Tulamben and Tejakula, is a new dive site about 100 km from Kuta.

Bali Scuba and Snorkeling

Bali is a scuba, spear fishing, and snorkeling center, famous among divers for marine life, superb visibility, and sensational drop offs. Six hundred km of coastline and numerous offshore islands offer a wide range of snorkeling and diving locations. Your options include one of many operators offering snorkeling and diving trips or join an all-inclusive package that sails to dive sites around Bali and islands to the east. If it is not monsoon season October - April, count on warm tropical waters around 80 F degree.

Snorkeling is an excellent and safe activity for children. Abundant marine life can be enjoyed of the reefs off Sanur, Nusa Dua, Lovina and Padangbai, all accessible by boat. Snorkeling can be enjoyed anywhere there is scuba diving-if an area has good coral reefs, there will be snorkeling gear for rent.

Scuba diving is more expensive, frequently requiring land or sea transport to the best dive locations. The best diving on Bali is from around five to twenty meters, though during the wet season storms may reduce visibility.

Drift diving was made popular on Bali because techniques were needed to accommodate the deep currents surrounding the island. Divers usually suit up on the beach in front of the dive master's favorite restaurant.

Most operators take divers (two people per boat) to the dive site in outriggers (jukung) fitted with small outboard motors. Passengers often get soaked, no matter how skilled the boatmen, and sometimes you have to clear the boat off a fringing reef.

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