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Trip From Denpasar to Ubud

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Driving from Denpasar to Ubud (true Balinese village) is easy. When you started from Denpasar, or from Kuta, you will be have the same route. Especially when you are just out from Denpasar or Kuta heading to Ubud, you will find the by pass Ngurah Rai (the main road). It will be need about and hour drives from Denpasar or Kuta to Ubud area. If this is your first trip than make it one hour and a half. Overall the distance from Kuta to Ubud is about an hour drive, that will be also depend on the traffic condition along the way.

Googlemaps for the distance trip from Denpasar or Kuta to Ubud

Just about ten minutes drive you will reach Sanur area, a charm and quiet area. Here in Sanur there is a popular Sanur harbor where the tourist usually go to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida by fast boat. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is a small island that can be reached out for about an hour by fast boat from Sanur. There are also the famous white sandy beach along Sanur area such as Sindhu beach, Matahari Terbit beach and Mertasari beach. Sanur is also well known as the best place in Bali to see sunrise right early in the morning. Jalan Danau Tamblingan (Tamblingan Lake street) is the most famous street in Sanur.

Along the bypass on Sanur road usually there will be a traffic jam at some intersection. At last there are four intersections and the traffic lights and most of them will have their own traffic jam. Especially under 8am until 12 noon. So if you want to avoid any traffic jam on the Sanur traffic lights try to started early in the morning before 8am or better after 12 noon.

Along the way between Denpasar to Ubud, after passed through the main road bypass of Sanur, you will be driving heading to Batubulan, Celuk, Sukawati, Batuan and Mas area. These area is the heaven for jewelry and silversmith. There are so many shops selling handicrafts along the roads. Take your time to slow your driving, and if you are interesting you can stop by at some shops and bargain for some stuffs.

Bali Sanur Bypass road to Ubud

Alternatively as shown on the Googlemaps above there is another route that you can take. That route is heading to bypass Ida Bagus Mantra street. Although there will be need some extra minutes to get in Ubud but this route offering less vehicle but it has bigger road so traffic jam here is minimized. Another advantage if you take this Ida Bagus Mantra Sanur road that you will meet with the famous traditional art called Sukawati Market. Please note this traditional market is famous among local tourist only. Because of the price. Good price! All goods selling there is selling cheaper. Of course overseas tourist is also welcome to visiting this traditional market.

Anyway if you have a driver with you, then you can ask for some advise about the shops. The driver will be happy to explain you more. The information of the silver shops can be explained well by the driver, such as which one is the good store, how much is the stuff price, how to bargain with the price, etc.

These handicrafts is produced from the art shops there, located mostly in the citizen house. These home industries is quiet interesting. They are open for visiting. They will be happy to explain the tourist about the stuffs they are selling.

If you are a family traveler, especially traveling with wife or girlfriend, it is advisable for you to stop by for a while. Maybe do some shopping for some jewelry for your wife can be another memorable activity in Bali. Some cute necklace is also available to buy for your daughter.

Hunting for some stuffs here is fun. So, if you are bringing your car rental, you will have so much time, so you can stay there longer. For your information, if you are driven by the car rental company driver, he will gets about 10 % commission from the art shop. This is a normal thing, do not worry about it.

Just after leaving Mas area soon you will reach Bali Zoo and Bali Bird Park. These two famous place of interest in Bali is very famous. So on your way to Ubud it is advised to visit the places of interest and spend for some hours here. Especially if you travel with your family and have some children, Bali Zoo and Bali Bird Park must by visited!

After passed through these handicrafts area, you can then continue the trip to Ubud. From Celuk to Ubud, you will be need only a half trip more. So, about 15 - 20 minutes forward you will be arrived in Ubud area.

Car rental parking space at Ubud hotel

We usually give some advises to our car rental when knowing the renter will go to Ubud. The advise is about Ubud road condition. For the information Ubud is a small village where truly Balinese wisdom centered. As a small village Ubud has many small road inside it. On some places there is also lack car parking space. Even for some hotels they does not have a car parking area for their guest.

This would be of course bring a problem for the car renter. Small road is difficult to take when driving a medium size car. And if the car is in manual this can be more difficult for some driver. So we advise them to be more careful when driving in Ubud.

And regarding the lack car parking space in some hotel in Ubud, it is better to ask your to the car rental company, the travel agency or the hotel itself whether we can park the car rental there, or not. If they do not have a car parking space, then you need to find another hotel in Ubud instead.

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