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Surfing in Kuta Beach
Kuta and Legian offer some recreational waves of up to two meters, fanned and given shape by the offshore winds for at least nine months of the year. During the summer, December until February, the weather is inconsistent, from clear and..
Ubud Activities
Sungai Ayung is a popular location in Bali to conduct a rafting by using boat. Ubud is an enjoying place for those who love rafting. You can find the rafting operator in Ubud and one of them is Bali Adventure..
Accommodation in Nusa Dua
The Hotel and resort exist in Nusa Dua commonly have similarity in the broad size which are very large and have a long beach area. Every hotel has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool in various sizes, and other equipments that..
Accommodation in Jimbaran
It is a very easy to get luxurious inn or hotel in Jimbaran, many of luxurious hotel and resort exist here. Do not worry, not only the luxurious hotel and resort that you can see here, but also the middle..
Sanur Inns
Stopping by in Sanur? Dont forget to find an accommodation for you to stay. Here we are provide you with some inns in Sanur from the budget to the luxurious inn in Sanur. While you are in Sanur, don't forget..
Bali Bars & Clubs Directory - Part 2
Please review the below for part 2 of the directory of most exciting clubs and bars in Bali. Don't forget to call them before you come, just to make sure that the place you would like to go is the..
Bali Bars & Clubs Directory - Part 1
Check the below out for Bali bars and clubs directory. You can find most exciting places to entertain yourself in Bali. These bars and clubs took the place from Kuta to Ubud. From elegant classic style to very crowded atmosphere..
Dining Places Around Kuta
In Kuta area including Tuban and Legian, they have many restaurants with many kinds of  menus. Indonesian food restaurant, fast food like pizza and sandwich are spread out everywhere. If you like dining seafood, steak, pasta, or the others Asian food,..
Ganesha Bookshop : Biggest Bali and Indonesia Book Shop in Bali
Looking for some literature about Bali, and also Indonesia could be difficult. You must have some great resources from usually universities in Bali or Indonesia. Some of your local friends could be one of the best resource. Alternativaly, you may..
Kuta Transportation and Budget Inns Information
Transportaion is the main thing that should be perfectly maintain by the government of the country, so that the people activities can be running as well. As the tourism destination, good transportation in Bali is a must. Not only the transportation,..
Health and Spa in Ubud
While you are in Bali, get relaxing your body and mind probably is a must. It is part of your holiday, running out from the routine at the work place before you come to Bali. Especially when you are in..
Where to Stay and Dine in Denpasar Bali
In Denpasar we are not only can meet many of inns with lower service standard and higher rate than the others place in Bali, but also difficult to find quiet inns in Denpasar, because it is commonly located in edge..
Bali Public Transportation - Transportation in Bali
Public transportation in Bali is served by minibus, or the local called it Bemo. But while you are in Bali, it is highly advised that you should hire a car for you to drive. Not only for the car, you..
Hindu Bali Religion and the Caste
The Hindu Bali civilization are the dominant group in Bali island, while the rest are from other areas in Indonesia such as Java, Sumatera, South East Nusa. They have caste as Hindu in India. However, it is only strict in their..
About Bali Island
Most of Bali tourist has the same opinion about BALI Island. Bali is a beautiful island with the beautiful beaches, the wonderful mountains, the amazing wet rice hill as the big step in the world, and the verdant forest. For..
Pura : A Balinese Temple
Pura is a Balinese temple, the place where a Hindu Balinese society pray to the God, or SangHyang Widi. Pura can be found everywhere in every corner of Bali. But Balinese don't use the place in daily activity, because of that..
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Daihatsu Ayla
USD 20
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Daihatsu Taruna
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Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza
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Suzuki APV - MPV World Class
Suzuki APV
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8 Pax
Toyota Rush (SUV)
Toyota Rush
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8 Pax
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Isuzu Elf
USD 65
12 Pax
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