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Kuta Bali

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In the afternoon many tourists come to Kuta beach. They enjoy the beach and their beer, sitting on the sand and waiting the beautiful of sunset. It is an interesting activity in Kuta. They feel something nice by seeing the sunset here. Here at the legendary Kuta beach we can meet with any other travelers around the world, joined together to enjoy the best sunset experience in Bali.

The Legendary Kuta Beach on Sunset

Best Time Sunset On Kuta Beach

To be informed to all visitors of Kuta beach especially when they want to enjoy the sunset view in Kuta beach (this happening at around 6 PM) that the road heading to the beach will be a little bit crowd. There will be a traffic jam on Jalan Pantai Kuta (Kuta beach street) on that time. So if you can already be there at around 5 PM. In the middle of waiting the sunset view you can just sit relax on the beach, or take a coffee at the convenience store or just walking along the street of Kuta beach street.

Especially if you go there using your car rental. You must started earlier from where ever you start. Example if you started from your hotel in Jimbaran, and considering the distance of Jimbaran to Kuta is about 30 minutes drive by car then you should started at 4.30 PM.

If you just riding a motor bike then it will be easier as the scooter can be arrive faster than the car. And if you already in Kuta area (you stayed in a hotel in Kuta area) then you can just walk for a minute to the Kuta beach.

Jalan Pantai Kuta and Legian street

Not only the tourist but also the commerce is enjoying the sunset and make Kuta beach to be more crowded. The different is the commerce sells their products or services as like as clothes and Bali's souvenir. Sometimes it makes the tourist uncomfortable with them, as they always follow him everywhere they go and give higher price than to the domestic tourists.

The mantra of not dealing with any seller on the beach is: Don't ask. If you don't ask anything to them (price, what product is it, etc) usually they will just offer you. And that's it. But if you asked for it not only they will offer you but also following you side by side where ever you go, even you said more and more: no thanks, no thanks, not interested..

Kuta beach was left by the visitors, when the sunset was gone. They go to restaurant, cafe, discotheque or the others entertainment places for enjoying the night. They spend the night in the crowded area and few of them were shop in the Kuta store area. The stores sell t-shirt, beach clothes and souvenir. The price is decided from the bargaining. The big store could be have better quality and expensive. The clothes are product by local garment factory. Enjoy the others store to find the best price.

Where to Shop in Kuta

If you preferred for a culinary experience than you can also look for it along the beach. They are available in various eating places such as traditional Indonesian foods, Western or international foods, Chinese foods, etc. Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald or Burger King is also existed there.

Kuta Beachwalk is the biggest-best-high class and one stop entertainment place in Kuta area which is include for dining.

While TransMart Carrefour Kuta is a modern-big hypermarket in Bali offering food court, merchandise, books center, shoes and slipper and other daily needs. Do not forget for some fresh vegetables, all is available as well in Carrefour Bali.

Where you can shop for souvenir in Bali? For each of the places of interest in Bali, you can find the shops that sell for the souvenir. Or, below information can be your additional information regarding where to shop for souvenir.

Poppies Lane
Poppies is the street name in front of Kuta beach. It is quiet like a lane actually, not a street. In Poppies Lane, there are few shops selling some goods, privately only sell in Bali, such as bag, necklace, accessories, sandal, etc.

Kuta Square
This area was exploded by the second Bali bombing, in 2005. But the area now days is get up from seated. In this place, there are some shops selling a branded item. Almost everyday they offered a discount program. You will be get difficulties to bargain as the price offered as fixed price.

Discovery Shopping Mall
We know it as Centro, one side facing Kartika Plaza street right in front of Waterbom, another side facing directly to the Kuta beach. All items sell in this mall is almost has the same price in Kuta area.The different is after shopping may be you can rest for a while at the back of mall, enjoy the sunset.

Body & Soul
Available for fashion collection for youngster. The location of Body & Soul shop is: Jl. Legian, Flagship Store Seminyak, Kuta Square, Discovery Shopping Mall, Factory Outlet Legian and Seminyak

At night, Kuta area is change as like as night market, the colorful lamp from the store and the restaurant and cafe full of people who enjoy the night. Kuta has party life every night. The entertainment places were always full of visitors. They enjoy the food and drink, having fun, dancing with their friends with full of music. Kuta is the right place for you who like to merry beach, shopping and having fun in the night.

How is the situation of the Kuta beach in the morning and in the afternoon? Actually it is fun..

In the morning time in Kuta beach we can see many people do some exercises. Some of them is running or just walking. Some of them is just chatting each other on the beach while seeing the panorama. Jogging is widely practised by most people in Kuta beach.

Some of the surf school companies is giving the lessons to their students on th beach. They learn to surf and swim. On each group of surf lesson usually there are 3 - 5 students who learn how to surf from their surfing instructor.

While on the afternoon it's time for the surfer!

Here in Kuta beach especially on the afternoon we can see a lot of surfers is surfing on their surf boards. The wave of Kuta beach on the afternoon is at its best. So it is not weird that we will see many surfers demonstrate their ability.

Surfing and Waterbom in Kuta

Kuta is an ideal places for surfing, it has calm wave where appropriate for the beginner surfer. The surf board can be rent at the beach or inn; it is about IDR 50.000 per day or US $30 to USD $40 for a half day with the instructor.

The best location for the beginner is at Halfway Kuta Surf School, near the Rama Hotel. The Legian beach, the end of Padma Street, or the kuta Reef in Tuban Beach are nice places for the surfer who like enjoy the big wave.

Some of store in Legian Street rent the surf board to the tourist and surf board service, such as: Redz, Benesari Street, phone number: 0361-763980 and tubes Surf Bar and Restaurant.

If you want to learn about surfing more and know the best places for surfing in Bali, you can call some of surf course like: Bali Surf School, 7A Double Six Street, phone number: 0361-733666, $30 for a half day and School of surf, phone number: 0361-735858, $39 for a half day.

Water game in Kuta is not only surfing for adult but also Waterbom for children. Waterbom Kuta is the popular place for children, it is Waterbom Park (Kartika Plaza Street, phone number: 03661-755676, adult rate is $18.50; child $9.50; family $50). It is located in the south of Kuta on the 3.5 hectare area. There are swimming pool, glider and others water games for children begin from under five years. The other facilities are the food court, bar and Mandara Spa.

Every hotel has swimming pool and the nice swimming pool is the aquatic playground at Hard Rock Hotel (Kuta beach Street, phone number 0361-761869, adult IDR 100.000; child IDR 50.000;family IDR 250.000).

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