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Denpasar Bali

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Denpasar is capital city of Bali's Province. It's not a tourism destination and maybe only this place in Bali which we can call it as a real city. As you may already know, that other area such as Ubud, Singaraja, Lovina, they are only a small-medium village.

Like other capital city in Indonesia, all of government activities was done in there. From the Governor office, Police office, Mayor office, until the immigration office are in there. All of Bali's citizen must go there to make their purpose done, about make a license of their business for the example. And all tourist in Bali must do the same too.

In Denpasar you will see some kind of etnics people in Indonesia where they lived in Bali. We can see them in private offices especially, where in a room office has some employees which come from Bali, Sunda, Irian, Dayak, Lombok, Madura, etc. This way indicate Bali is the biggest reason of a lot of people to work in there.

Like other big city in Indonesia, Denpasar has a landmark too, Which in Jawa island it called "Alun-lun". It's a big place or like a field which have a monument in the middle of it. And the inside, it have public facilities and merchant. In Denpasar it has name Puputan Renon Landmark.

Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali island. You can enjoy the city tour in about 2 till 3 hours by car. The tour would be begins at the tourism office, then you and the group go to south to Pura Jaganatha and nearby it, there is The State Museum of Bali Province. Near by the museum there is a Puputan field/yard where the Puputan Battle was happened between Balinese civilian troops with Dutch troops. A monument which shows one of family with the heroic pose is placed in this field.

After enjoying the Puputan field, you go to Surapati Street and you will find the Catur Muka Statue which is a symbol of Batara Guru. Passing the statue, you will find Gajah Mada Street and Badung Market, the traditional of fruit market and Kumbasari Market as the centre of handicraft and textile market.

From Kumbasari Market through Sutomo Street, you will find Pura Maospahit which is built in 14th century when Majapahit people arrived in Bali for the first time. It shattered in 1917 because the earthquake and it was built again then. The interesting things in this Pura are the Garuda and the Giant of Batara Yuda Statues.

Begin on Pura Maospahit through Thamrim Street and Hasanudin Street, you can find Puri Pemecutan. Previously, it is a palace, before it shatter when Netherlands invasion Bali in 1906. Today, half of the Puri is used as an inn, but you also just enjoy it without stay there.

From Hasanudin Street go to north and turn to Sulawesi Street, you will find Arabian village which is an Arabian and Indian residence. Then, you can walk to the north through Badung Market and go back to Gajah Mada Street or visa versa go to south to the Tiara Dewata Shopping Centre which has a food court, so you can enjoying lunch in Bali or take a rest.

Where to Stay and Dine in Denpasar

In Denpasar we are not only can meet many hotel with lower service standard and higher rate than the others place in Bali, but also difficult to find quiet hotel in Denpasar, because it is commonly located in edge of the street which has a busy traffic. If you bring your car rental as your transportation in Bali, it is easier for you to find.

That is why, if you want to visiting Bali in the holiday season, you must book the inn in advance. The high season or holiday season is July, August, Christmas, New Year, and Idul Fitri. Mostly, the rate is include the breakfast.

Below are the budget inns or hotels in Denpasar, as stated below;

- Adi Yasa Hotel, Nakula Street 23B, phone. 0361-222679.
- Nakula Familiar Inn, Nakula Street 4, phone. 0361- 226446
- Hotel Puri Ayu, Thamrin Street 2, Phone. 0361-423491
- Inna Bali Heritage, Veteran Street 3, Phone. 0361-225681
- Hotel Taman Suci, Imam Bonjol Street 45, Phone 0361-484445

It is not difficult to find some dine in Denpasar. Most of shopping centre has a food court, such as:

- Gajah Mada and Thamrin Street. Handicraft shopping center.
- Sulawesi Street,Batik and Tenun Ikat shopping center.
- Bird Market, Veteran Street, Animal shopping center.
- Modern shopping centers, such as: Tiara Dewata shopping centre, Udayana Street; Bali Mall, Diponegoro Street; Teuku Umar Street; Matahari, etc.
- Kereneng Night Market, Kamboja Street, they sell many kind of feed all night.
- Ayam Bakar Taliwang Baru, Teuku Umar Street, Phone 0361-263031.
- Bhineka Jaya, Gajah Mada Street 80, Phone. 0361-224016
- Restoran Betty, Sumatera Street 56.
- Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, Merdeka Street Denpasar and Raya Kuta Street, Tuban.

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