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Jimbaran Bali

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Jimbaran is located in the south of Kuta which is close to Ngurah Rai Airport. It is a very beautiful place, the combination between white sand and blue sea, will make you so amazed. Where ever you go in Jimbaran (including in Bukit and Uluwatu area) you will see the beaches. There are many beaches in Jimbaran. Jimbaran is the paradise of beach. Along the Jimbaran Beach, you will see many of seafood stall, it is absolutely the paradise for seafood freak. It is also easy to find a local Jimbaran car rental whether for self driven or with the driver here.

Car Rental Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran is also known as the village of fisherman, as it took the location between Ngurah Rai Airport in the north and some of luxurious hotels in the south. Uluwatu Street is the main street. To remind especially under lunch time and sunset time the road will be becoming bad for traffic. Many tourists and the locals is passing by this street to go for their lunch activity and enjoy sunset at the beach. The best reason visiting Jimbaran is to enjoying the amazing sunset and seafood in the stalls which burned seafood. As Jimbaran has some beautiful beaches, this place for some circumstances has the same level as Kuta and Sanur.

The tourists can seeing the sunset with cold drink and fresh fish aroma that burned and ready to eat. The tourist can also drink pure coconut water directly from the coconut tree. Many small restaurants (called Warung) seel this coconut water for around 25,000 in Indonesian Rupiah. Not only that Jimbaran is also the pleasing place to enjoying the night. While you are there, do not be left behind, seeing the fisherman busy on the beach, the prime supplier for seafood stall, do their job.

If you are interested to find fresh fishes and shrimps, you must visit the fish market in Jimbaran. It is located in the north of Jimbaran, near Kedonganan beach. The place is the supplier for most stalls in Jimbaran Beach. Find it many kind of fresh fishes directly just from the sea, brought by the fisherman in Kedonganan beach, Jimbaran. After buy some fishes and you can directly bring it to many Warung there and get your fishes to be roasted! The price to roast the fish is IDR 20,000 per kilogram for any fish or shrimp.

It is very advised to make a visit in the morning time and get the most cheapest fish price, and also to see and enjoy the fisherman activities in the morning time around 6AM. They are quiet busy there with their boats and fishes. For your information, Jimbaran fish market is the best fish market in Bali.

Beside the beautiful beach and the stalls, in Jimbaran, you can visit Pura Ulun Siwi, fish market, Peninsula Hill, and Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue (GWK). Pura Ulun Siwi was built on 18th century and located in intersection of Pemelisan Agung Street and Uluwatu Street.

How about the Peninsula Hill? You can visit it through Uluwatu Street and go to south. It has 200 meters height. If you want to enjoy the Ngurah Rai Airport and south Bali panorama from the hill, you must visit this place and climb on it. In the west of Peninsula Hill, at Uluwatu street, there is Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue. It is the one of the biggest statue in the world which 146 meters height and situated on mall and gallery.

There are some most famous beaches in Jimbaran, such as Pandawa Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Dreamland Beach, Pecatu Beach, Melasti Beach and so on. All of them are located in Jimbaran and they are all good for surfing! So when you visit Jimbaran and love with surfing do not forget to bring your own surf board (or just rent it there) along with your motor bike or car rental.

If you want to visit Jimbaran, you can use general transportation from Tegal terminal in Denpasar through Kuta or from the other place in South Bali and find transport which go to Uluwatu. But this option is not advised as as you might already know that the public transportation service is not good, especially for the bus service. Best option for to use the transportation in Bali is by taking a taxi or rent a car. Especially when you rent a car there are two options for you: either for self driven or with the driver, which one you would like to take they both are good.

At night, you can find taxies easily along the Jimbaran beach. Don't forget to bargain the price with them. They wait passengers who want to go to Kuta or other places in Bali. If you are not aware with the hassle of taxi price bargaining then we highly advise you to just rent the car for self driven.

How about if you need some cash in Jimbaran. Do not worry! Here in Jimbaran there are many ATM corners that you can withdraw the money easily. They are existed in many public places such as convenience storea or supermarkets, night market and near some famous hotel such as Intercontinental Jimbaran Resort.

Not only for ATM if you need to just change the money into IDR Indonesian Rupiah you can also just go to many money changer in Jimbaran. It is seems like in every corner in Jimbaran we can always find the money changer shop. Of course you must find the one with have most competitive exchange rate so you will get the best service from them.

Nirmala Jimbaran

In Jimbaran, if you look for a supermarket or need a convenience hotel, there is one of the most famous shopping place and accommodation called Nirmala hotel and supermarket. They also offering a meeting room and coffee shop service. If you look for the money changer service Azzahra Maulana Money Changer is one of the trusted and have most competitive rate. They have money branches in Bali, including in Jimbaran. And if you are Indian, or just love with the Indian food then find the Indian Tandoor, the best Indian restaurant in Jimbaran Bali!

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