New Airport Project in North Bali

The Bali government has a plan to build a brand new international airport which take the location at the north coast of Bali. One of the north Bali area is Candidasa, with the Lovina area included. Also it is close to Singaraja regency. The project of this new airport has the main purpose to increasing the international tourism in Bali, in this case in north and also east side. As we may already know, the development of tourism in Bali dominated by the south Bali area (Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa). Continue reading “New Airport Project in North Bali”

6 Tips When Arrive in Bali Airport

For most traveler, the plane is the most favorite transportation to entering Bali island. Another choice of transportation is by cruise, or by bus. When entering Bali via plane, all tourist will be arrive in Bali international airport, called Ngurah Rai International Bali Airport. Below are 6 tips for traveler, especially for those who the first time visiting Bali island, when they are arrived in Bali airport. Continue reading “6 Tips When Arrive in Bali Airport”

Bali Cliff: Hidden Surfing Location in Bali

If for along time you just heard Kuta, Dreamland or Sanur for the popular surfing location in Bali, it is very advised if you try this surfing spot: Bali Cliff, a hidden-heaven for surfing activity. Bali Cliff is located in Uluwatu area. The location is close to bustling area Kuta and the luxury hotels area Nusa Dua. So it should be very easy, and close to reach. There is not much the tourist who knows this hidden surfing spot. Continue reading “Bali Cliff: Hidden Surfing Location in Bali”

Bali as The Second Best Island in The World

Indonesia once again got the attention from the world, related to the tourism industry. Its one of the island, Bali, or well-known as the Paradise Island, once again got the world award called Top 10 Islands 2012 by Travel+Leisure magazine based in New York USA. In this 2012, Bali island landed in number 2. Before, Continue reading “Bali as The Second Best Island in The World”

5 Most Beautiful Tourism Objects in Indonesia

Bali is only a small piece island inside the big country called Indonesia. But, yes Bali is the most popular destination island in Indonesia by overseas tourist. Despite Bali is the most popular one, does not mean there is no other great places in Indonesia except Bali. Indonesia country, from the west to the east, is rich with the nature things such as the mountains, the valleys, the sea, the lakes and also national parks.¬† The truth is there are so many other places of interest in Indonesia to visit. Some of them could be more spectacular than Bali. Just to mention a few of them, these are the places of interest beyond Bali you should visit for your next holiday in Indonesia. Continue reading “5 Most Beautiful Tourism Objects in Indonesia”

Amed Bali

Amed has the beauty of the beach, with its spectacular¬† sunrise as the added value. Amed also offering a fantastic under water world, including for the water sport activities such as diving. For beginner level, Amed is also a good place to practice about diving. There is a lake at beach side, which has a flat bottom so it is good to practice the diving there. It is also perfect for snorkeling. The tourist can reach Amed from Bali airport in about 3 hours driving by car rental. Continue reading “Amed Bali”

Gitgit Waterfall Bali

Bali is not only for the beach, temple, bar, or rice terrace. There are so many other attractive things to see, such as waterfall. Despite there are some waterfalls in Bali, this writing is to show about one of the best waterfall in Bali called Gitgit waterfall. The waterfall is popular among the tourist, for both local and overseas. Gitgit waterfall has more than 1 different entrance gates. Each gate offering an interesting experience about waterfall. So, which ever you entering this place of interest, surely you will find it happily. Continue reading “Gitgit Waterfall Bali”

Lovina Bali

Lovina is a lovely area dominated by the villages, and of course, the beach! This black sandy beach (yes, black not white) is located in the village of Kalibukbuk, about 9 kilometers from Singaraja regency. Singaraja itself is about 90 kilometers from Kuta. So, if you want to go to Lovina from Kuta you will take the distance in about 90 kilometer, or about 3,5 hours. How is the best way to reach Lovina? Of course nothing else except by car rental! Continue reading “Lovina Bali”

New Fleet: Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Just recently added to our Bali car rental fleet is the Suzuki Karimun Estilo, well-known as just Suzuki Estilo. The type of the car is a small city car, with maximum up to 4 persons. Although it is a city car, but surely the car is more than just enough to drive all around Bali island. The plus of the car is it is small car, so it is quiet easy to drive, as long as your group is lower than 4 persons. If you are a couple, then this car is perfect for you. Continue reading “New Fleet: Suzuki Karimun Estilo”

4 Important Things Before Climbing Mount Agung

Not only Kuta or Ubud, Bali also has the charming Gunung Agung (Mount Agung). The Balinese believes that Mount Agung is sacred. This is the highest mountain in Bali. It is about 3.142 meter above sea level. Located in Karangasem district, the climbers around the world (local tourist and overseas) remarked this mountain as the most favorite one to climb. Continue reading “4 Important Things Before Climbing Mount Agung”