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Lovina Beach

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Not sure how the name of Lovina, a beach on the north side of Bali island, has a different name from Balinese terms. Some said, the name of Lovina given by Anak Agung Panji Tisna, a modern-famous Balinese man of letters. Lovina taken by Panji Trisna from a small hotel name in India, that is Lafeina. In there, once he spent the night to writing for his book, titled Ni Ketut Widhi.

Another version said that the name of the Lovina was taken from a twin tree (called Banten) that hugged each other. The short is Love, or, then it has been called Lovina. Lovina beach is situated at Desa Kalibukbuk, about 9 kilometers at the west side of Singaraja, Buleleng.

Kuta to Lovina Distance

What ever it is, Lovina is a lovely area dominated by the villages, and of course, the beach! This black sandy beach (yes, black not white) is located in the village of Kalibukbuk, about 9 kilometers from Singaraja regency. Singaraja itself is about 90 kilometers from Kuta. So, if you want to go to Lovina from Kuta you will take the distance in about 90 kilometer, or about 3,5 hours. How is the best way to reach Lovina? Of course nothing else except by car rental!

Lovina beach is one of the famous-well known beach in North Bali. The natural scene and fresh air almost for everyday is the most interesting reason why we should visit this place.

Just like on Kuta beach, Lovina beach is also the best place to see the sunset. Another great thing we can do in Lovina is watching the dolphin. By renting a boat at USD 10 per person, you can enjoy watching them in the middle of the beach. They can be seen at time 6am - 8 am. If you are with your kids, it is no doubt that they will be very happy to see the attraction.

The dolphin show is also as the most interesting show, not only in North Bali, but also in Bali in general.

The area of Lovina is just likely if we stay in Ubud which is quiet and peaceful. Typical of the small village with no nite club or dischotique all nite long. It is a perfect place to relax and escape from the daily routine.

We can also find another attraction in Lovina, such as water sport activities. We can do snorkeling or diving, and the other. Also, for sunbathing activity, Lovina is also a good place to do.

When you are heading to Lovina, do not forget to layover at another famous places of interest at the same route with Lovina, one of them are GitGit Waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfall and Lake Beratan Bedugul.

If you stay there with all family member then Hardy's Hotel Singaraja probably the best hotel you could try when you stay in Lovina, Singaraja. It is because the hotel offering an outdoor swimming pool with some wwater sport attraction inside it so it will entertain you and the family all the day.

Lovina and Round Up

The nearest area from Lovina is Singaraja regency. The distance is about only 9 km or about 15 minutes drive.

Singaraja is the largest city in north Bali. It has an area of 27.98 kmē and population of 80,500. Singaraja was the Dutch colonial administrative centre for Bali and the Lesser Sunda Islands until 1953. Singaraja was also an administrative centre for the Japanese during their rule.

We can takes 2 or 3 hours to Singaraja from Kuta the south of Bali. Going there with a Bali car rental is one of the best choice. We have three alternative route to Singaraja. First, from east via Kintamani, taking in the stunning active volcano and mountain vistas. Second, from west via Pupuan, through beautiful rice-paddies, spice and coffee plantations. And the last from central via Bedugul with famous market and botanical garden. Whichever route we can take, the journey is sure to be scenic and interesting.

Singaraja has some interesting place to visited such as Gedong Kirtya, a library and museum dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of old lontar scripts. Gitgit waterfalls which have water drops about 50 meters. Pura Meduwe Karang is a truly spectacular temple which located in Kabutambahan village about 10 km east of Singaraja.

Pura Beji is a splendid pink sandstone temple with especially dramatic stone carving in Sangsit village, about 7 km east of Singaraja. And Air Sanih which placed about 15 km east of Singaraja is a quaint, tiny coastal village with a notable cold spring bathing area set in nice gardens.

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