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About Kuta
Kuta is the most favorite tourism destination in Bali, even could be in the world. Kuta area are very famous in the world, which have a beautiful beach. In Kuta beach we can see all kinds of visitor from Europe,..
Bargaining Techniques in Bali
Try to find the price range of the item first do not ever assume a price or take a (perhaps biased) by standar's word for it. Before you go out shopping, spot-check prices in your hotel shop. If a smaller..
Traveler Checks and Credit Cards
There is no black market in Indonesia, so for safety's sake bring only a portion of your funds in cash. Though rates are often better for traveler's checks than for cash, always carry some US$5, US$10, and US$20 dollar bills..
Changing Money in Bali
United States dollars, accepted all over Indonesia since War World II, are still the most useful foreign currency to carry through these islands. It is very recommended that you always bring US Dollar in Bali. Though the dollar will probably..
Tipping in Bali
A few annoying Western customs, like tipping, have caught on. Never tip waiters in restaurants, bartenders, reception people in small hotels, hairdressers, medical personnel, or tailors. Only tip taxi drivers and porters for unusually good service or extra-heavy bags. It..
Hiring a Driver
Along with doing without all the headaches involved in driving your own vehicle, there are other distinct advantages to hiring a driver. Comparison shop to find a driver who can also serve as guide, i.e., provide some cultural/historic context to..
Bali Harbours
Bali has five harbors. The first one is the hub of Dutch shipping companies, while the oldest is at the northern part of Buleleng along the waterfront in Singaraja. Until now, this old crumbling, picturesque port is no longer used by big ships because of its..
Body Languages in Bali
Aggressive gestures and postures such as crossing your arms or standing with your hands on hips while talking, particularly with older people, is regarded as insulting since this is the traditional posture of defiance and anger in wayang theater. In..
North of Kuta
At low tide, bicycle rides or walks along the firm, moist sand are refreshing. Heading north of Kuta, you can ride for about seven kilometers. At this point either retrace your tracks or turn inland at the thatched roofs of..
Where To Surf in Bali
Padang Padang
Uluwatu's status as the number one surfing spot has since been challenged by Padang Padang, a shallow reef breaks just two km down the coast on the southern tip on Bali. Surfer Magazine has called Padang Padang, one of..
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Canggu Jimbaran

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Suzuki Jimny
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Daihatsu Ayla
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Daihatsu Taruna
Daihatsu Taruna
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Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza
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Suzuki APV - MPV World Class
Suzuki APV
USD 28
8 Pax
Toyota Kijang Innova
Toyota Innova
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KIA Pregio
KIA Pregio
USD 60
10 Pax
Isuzu Elf
Isuzu Elf
USD 65
12 Pax

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