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New Fleet: Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Just recently added to our Bali car rental fleet is the Suzuki Karimun Estilo, well-known as just Suzuki Estilo. The type of the car is a small city car, with maximum up to 4 persons. Although it is a city car, but surely the car is more than just enough to drive all around Bali island. The plus of the car is it is small car, so it is quiet easy to drive, as long as your group is lower than 4 persons. If you are a couple, then this car is perfect for you.

The Suzuki Karimun Estilo is the new generation of the Suzuki Karimun. The Karimun itself was dis-continued 2010, and thus re-newed by this Estilo. When you rent this car, another advantage beside the easy of driving, is the price is quiet cheap. For the information, the cheapest car to rent is the Suzuki Jimny at USD 18/day for self drive, while the Suzuki Estilo is only at USD 20/day for self drive. For complete price of the car renting please refer to Car Availability and Price page.

For the women, this car is a perfect choice, because it has a simple look and design. Very easy to drive. Many of our women tourist customers before, they said they were very confident to drive with the car. Even though they were move between hotel and area, like from Kuta to Amed, and then back to Ubud, they were drive safely and comfort. From Kuta to Amed, you will will have to climb the mountain to reach there. With the Estilo the trip is not a problem. And when back to Ubud from Amed, once again it will across the mountain. Or, if you need driving to the most west side of Bali, such as at Medewi beach near Jembrana district, the Estilo is also be a good choice.

Last thing for the advantage of renting the Estilo, the petrol consumption is worth of money. You will save a lot to buy the petrol, as the car is very economical. The engine size is 1.0 cc with power steering, enough power to explore the island of Bali. And if you are only 2 persons, the Estilo is more than just enough to driving around. Last thing, the Estilo is the fuel safest car to drive, so you will not buy the petrol much.

So, if you want to find a small car, in safe and comfort way to drive, no doubt and we are guarantee, the Suzuki Karimun Estilo should be your first choice!

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