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Bali Cliff: Hidden Surfing Location in Bali

If for along time you just heard Kuta, Dreamland or Sanur for the popular surfing location in Bali, it is very advised if you try this surfing spot: Bali Cliff, a hidden-heaven for surfing activity. Bali Cliff is located in Uluwatu area. The location is close to bustling area Kuta and the luxury hotels area Nusa Dua. So it should be very easy, and close to reach. There is not much the tourist who knows this hidden surfing spot.

For the last 10 or 15 years ago, Bali Cliff was very popular because there was a hotel located there called Bali Cliff Resort. But, after the resort was shutdown, then the area is going to quiet. No crowd anymore there, and the beach where many tourist were do some surfing activities there was also become desolate. But, still, the beach has the special things to attract the surfers to come to the beach, and doing surfing there.

According to the government authority, this tourism destination has 3 different meaning: Bali Cliff itself, Green Bowl, and Hidden Beach. This three kind of names has their own unique history. Like Bali Cliff, it was there built a very most popular resort called Bali Cliff Resort. Green Bowl because if we see it from the altitude, it looks like a mug filled with the water.  And the Hidden Beach because this beach is truly hidden behind the cliff.

The hidden location of this beach make the atmosphere is still natural and calm. We just heard only the sound of the waves. With the sandy beach it is also become one of the perfect spot to sun bathing in Bali.

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