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Bali as The Second Best Island in The World

Indonesia once again got the attention from the world, related to the tourism industry. Its one of the island, Bali, or well-known as the Paradise Island, once again got the world award called Top 10 Islands 2012 by Travel+Leisure magazine based in New York USA. In this 2012, Bali island landed in number 2. Before,

According to the site of Travel+Leisure, the first place took by Boracay Island Philippine. Bali took for the second place. This is not bad because, we can imagine, Bali can outfight other popular islands such as Galapagos, Great Barrier Reef, or Santorini. This is not the first time for Bali listed in the Top 10 Island by Travel+Leisure magazine. Before, in 2010, this same magazine also awarded the Paradise island Bali as the The World Best Island in Asia. On that year Bali on the 4th place just after Galapagos, Kauai and Cyclades in Greece.

Next year 2011, the position of Bali had increased at the second place after Santorini. This year 2012, Bali is successfully keeping the position still at number 2, while Santorini is now at number 6.

Beside the award of Top 10 Islands, Travel+Leisure magazine also announced other awards such as World’s Best City awarded to Bangkok City in Thailand. World’s Best Hotel awarded to Singita Grumeti Reserves in Africa, and World’s Best International Airlines awarded to Singapore Airlines.

Below is the complete list or the Top 10 Island 2012:

1. Boracay, Filipina
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Galapagos, Ekuador
4. Maui, Hawaii
5. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
6. Santorini, Yunani
7. Kauai, Hawaii
8. Big Islands, Hawaii
9. Sicilia, Italia
10. Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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