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Amed Bali

Amed has the beauty of the beach, with its spectacular  sunrise as the added value. Amed also offering a fantastic under water world, including for the water sport activities such as diving. For beginner level, Amed is also a good place to practice about diving. There is a lake at beach side, which has a flat bottom so it is good to practice the diving there. It is also perfect for snorkeling. The tourist can reach Amed from Bali airport in about 3 hours driving by car rental.

Amed located at east side of Bali island, precisely at Karangasem district. The daily activities of local citizens is mostly a fisherman. The atmosphere of Amed is just like the other village: calm, cool water and fresh air, and the villagers is so friendly. When you wake up at your hotel, definitely you will fell very comfortable with the environment of Amed.

Amed has a black sandy beach, with clear and bright air and water condition. Also, there is great collection of coral reefs along the beach. So once again, snorkeling and diving is one of a must-do activity when you are in Amed.

Just near Amed, there is another cool area called Tulamben. Many tourist who has been visiting Amed usually will also take their time to visit Tulamben. The conditions of Tulamben is typically the same as Amed. So, Tulamben is also a good place to visit just like Amed.

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