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A Thematic Hotel in Legian

Legian area in Bali is always bustling. Diversely type of accommodation can be found easily here. From the very cheap budget until the luxury one. From the crowd of the accommodation in Legian, there is a brand-new unique hotel which has their own theme. This is the only one hotel theme not only in Legian area, but also in Bali. The hotel name is The Spot Hotel Legian Bali.

As we may know that all of the tourist, either domestics or overseas, they are always love with Legian Bali. Beside very close to the well-famous Legian and Kuta beach, this area is the heaven for the local or overseas backpackers. You surely already know with the Poppies lanes, correct? All of the tourist around the globe are become one in this place.

Just recently in April 2012, Legian has know a unique thematic hotel called the Spot Hotel Bali. This hotel has 21 rooms with a different room theme. All of these themes inspired from the public figure, artist, food, or famous phenomenon around the world.

You can choose for your own theme! Such as Audrey Hepburn, Beatles, Cupcakes, Disney, Einstein, Friends, Garfield, Historian, India, James Bond, Kennedy, Legian, Monalisa, New York, Opera, Rock n’ Roll, Simpsons, The Queen, Tango, or Union Jack

Like in any other hotel room, the rooms at The Spot also have some facilities such as bathroom, air-con, wardrobe, and tv. The concept at The Spot aimed to both local or overseas tourist who find for their own style.

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