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6 Tips When Arrive in Bali Airport

For most traveler, the plane is the most favorite transportation to entering Bali island. Another choice of transportation is by cruise, or by bus. When entering Bali via plane, all tourist will be arrive in Bali international airport, called Ngurah Rai International Bali Airport. Below are 6 tips for traveler, especially for those who the first time visiting Bali island, when they are arrived in Bali airport.

1. Relax at the immigration

Sometime the immigration process can take a long time. In Bali airport, depend on the time you are landing, the immigration process, or the customs, usually will take for about 30 minutes – 1.5 hours. Morning time until afternoon is the fastest time: only took about 3 minutes. But, at night until evening the customs will take time usually about 1.5 hours. On the High season (July-August) or Peak Season (New Year) the evening time sometime took longer, about 2 hours! No matter how long it should take, do not forget to say ‘Thank you’, or ‘Terima kasih’ in Bahasa Indonesia to the customs officers.

2. Check out the luggage

Do not forget the check out once again your belonging. You luggage is very important. On your queue waiting for your luggage show up in the line, always watch carefully. Do not do a mistake by taking the belonging which is not yours. You should easily recognize your luggage with your name tag on each suitcase.

3. Change the money with local currency Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Usually, the traveler has the habit to change their money first on their country before leaving for Bali. This will safe your time at the airport, as you already have the Indonesian Rupiah. But, if you do not have a time before, and you need to change the money, at Bali airport there is an authorized money changer inside the arrival gate area. Change the money there as necessary first, and you can change another much money later.

4. Find out the maps

This is important especially if you have a plan to rent a car in Bali. At Bali airport there are many free Bali map available at the Information center. However usually it is a standard version. If you need to get a more detailed Bali map, you can buy it directly at the airport, at the book store. Or, on request, a good reputable car rental company in Bali will provide you with the one more detailed at free. Some interesting area in Bali, such as Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran or Ubud must be available to find in the map.

5. Watch out the situation and condition at exit gate

When you entering exit gate of arrival, especially on the afternoon until evening, Bali airport will be fully loaded either with the visitors (tourist) or hotel staff who is pick up the tourist. Some of them not only hotel staff, but also the staff of car rental company. Just relax and walk toward the line and see your name on large white papers who is bringing by one of those staff. If you still cannot find your name after for sometime, you need to call your hotel or car rental company asking where is the staff who should pick you up now.

6. Choose the right transportation to go to hotel

There are some option to get the transportation to your hotel. You can take an authorized taxi available at Bali airport. If you already confirm with the car rental company in Bali, you can just ride the car directly from the airport, as the car will be available there based on your arrival flight number, ETA, and the date given by you.

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