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5 Most Beautiful Tourism Objects in Indonesia

Bali is only a small piece island inside the big country called Indonesia. But, yes Bali is the most popular destination island in Indonesia by overseas tourist. Despite Bali is the most popular one, does not mean there is no other great places in Indonesia except Bali. Indonesia country, from the west to the east, is rich with the nature things such as the mountains, the valleys, the sea, the lakes and also national parks.  The truth is there are so many other places of interest in Indonesia to visit. Some of them could be more spectacular than Bali. Just to mention a few of them, these are the places of interest beyond Bali you should visit for your next holiday in Indonesia.

1) Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Rinjani Mountain is well-known as the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia. No doubt, this mountain which reside in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara has been loved by the climbers. Green landscape, Segara Anak lake and a very big caldera are other interesting tourism object at Mount Rinjani. Here also we can find Mount Rinjani National Park which is rich with many collection of flora and fauna.

2) Raja Ampat Island, West Papua

This the new-most exotic undersea tourism of Indonesia. Raja Ampat is also well-known as the paradise of the divers, and surfers. The heterogeneity of one  fourth animal sea can be found here. Here we can find also a Nabire island, home for the habitat of giant whale shark. Raja Ampat is the king of the divers who loved much to do diving and snorkeling.

3) Sinok Canyon and Harau Valley, West Sumatera

Ngarai Sinok is just like Grand Canyon in the USA, in the version of more cool and beautiful. Meanwhile, Harau Valley mostly said as the most beautiful valley in Indonesia. Surrounding by the rice fields and the high cliffs just like sky crapper building in the city, Sinok Canyon and Harau Valley could be one of your best destination in Sumatera island.

4) Baluran National Park, East Java

Baluran National Park is located in Situbondo, East Java. This national park is quiet close from Bali. Located at the most east side of Java island (before Banyuwangi city), you just need to drive to Banyuwangi for about 1 hour,  take a ferry for about 30 minutes, and then you are arrived in Bali island.  About 40% of Baluran National Park consisted with savannah. No baffle, this place is often to be said an Africa in Indonesia.

5) Toba Lake, North Sumatera

This is a volcanic lake, well-known all around the world. About 75 thousand years ago, the Toba super volcano has been erupted with the result almost half of the earth surrounded by the dust volcanic. Toba lake is also as the biggest lake in South East Asia. In the morning, with the fresh air and cool environment, just like the atmosphere in north Europe.

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