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Bali Public Transportation - Transportation in Bali

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Public transportation in Bali is served by minibus, or the local called it Bemo. But while you are in Bali, it is highly advised that you should hire a car for you to drive. Not only for the car, you can rent for other vehicle such as motorbike or even bicycle. But of course, for multi-purpose activity, renting a car is the best option to take.

Why you should rent a vehicle in Bali? Because public transportation here is not popular. In other word, the public transportation here is not good. The only one we can count on for public transportation in Bali is the taxi. But everybody knew, taxi service is expensive. What we want to get is a cheap-mass transportation service.

So if you want to go to any places in Bali, including goes to some public of interest, the option for availability of mass transportation which will take you there is none. Also, the local is prefer to ride their own vehicle (mostly motorbike) rather than riding a public transportation service.

In big cities in Indonesia, seems ;a public transportation problem only happened in Bali island. Other areas in Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya, the transportation is quiet good. It mean that the service is available in 24 hours. Anytime you wanna go, there will be the service as well.

Just recently, in the middle of 2012, the Bali government has just launched a mass transportation service called Sarbagita. Sarbagita is a big bus (can take passenger until 50 people in 1 bus) which servicing in a very cheap price. The bus ticket can be bought by the student for only IDR 2.500, while ordinary passenger (worker, tourist, etc) will be asked to pay for IDR 3.500.

Sarbagita has tens of fleet. Almost of them is in bus, with their dominant color is blue. In every station each of the bus will be arrived in every 15 minutes. With the tagline Bali Goes Green, they are servicing people on Bali main roads only, such as Jl. Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra, By Pass Sanur and Ngurah Rai, Jl. Raya Nusa Dua, etc.

The passenger of Sarbagita is almost the local. It is difficult to see a Bule (overseas tourist) taking the service. So, it is the signal Sarbagita does not interesting enough for them. For the overseas tourist it is still advised to just look for a car rental service.

There are car rental service provided by small or big company in Bali. This is good as traveler may need their own vehicle to ride while they are in Bali. From a family luxurious car such as Toyota Innova until budget car Suzuki Jimny, it is available here.

The most popular probably Toyota Avanza. This is a mid class car in Indonesia, and also Bali. So it is a good choice for everybody who want to Self drive to visit some places of interest in their holiday programe in Bali.

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