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Rafting Tips

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Rafting is an adventure by going along the edge of the river which has challenging swift flow. It is one of popular activity in Bali, beside diving and snorkeling. In order to do this activity, we need a boat rubber. And there is no other tools to drive the boat except for oar. Because of that, the cohesive between the passenger is very important.

Now it is time to pump up the adrenaline. Good news is, this activity can be done in a group. From 2, 4 or 6 persons can enjoy this activity at the same time, same boat. If all of them is someone you knew, like your family member, or friends, that would be more perfect.

In Bali, we can find many of rafting adventure. One of the popular one we can fint it at the Telaga Waja Bali. The price to enjoy the adventure is ranging between USD 40 - USD 60. Remember, this activity is very recommended to be played by adults only. If there is a chance, no children allowed.

If you are interesting to try the rafting in Bali, this short guidance will may be to help you:

1) Before starting the rafting, you will be given a pant, helmet and safety jacket by the organizer. Tight them up with gentle to make sure your safety is set up. If you still does not understand how to use it, do not hesitate to ask your instructor how to set it up perfectly.

2) Afer the tools was set up, the instuctor will give you some guidance about the basic rule of rafting, how to hold the oar, the technic of how to float in the water, and any special codes from the instructor (captain) while you are in action. Watch and listen carefully to the instructor when he gives all these kind of explanation.

3) In the niddle of rafting, stay cool, relax. Listen to what every captain order. When a big wave come and hit the boat, do not panic. Instead, just laugh and smile for more. This is way can reduce your fear, actually.

4) Do not hesitate to shout louder while you are on the river! It is truly very interesting. Furthermore, no one will hear your scream, beside the member of your group on the same boat.

5) Feel free to do anything, including if you want to mash. It is on the river already, no body will know. See, now you find the importances that you are doing this activity with someone you knew.

After you understand with the rules, you are ready to go! To make sure you will get this experience, it is better to make a booking first. Especially on the high season and peak season in Bali, make a booking for rafting activity sometime need for extra time to be confirmed for the availability.

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